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Dr. Guldal Caba

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Host:Dr. Guldal Caba

Join Dr. Guldal in unearthing your greatest good by unlocking all that encumbers your mind-body-spirit. Based in oral tradition, explore situations through this complex realm. Learn to approach situations and issues with a new consciousness and empowerment to live healthier and more Awake.

Dr. Guldal specializes in:

• Healing & Understanding Chronic and Acute illness
• Activating and Maintaining Youthfulness
• Awakening Personal Growth
• Body regeneration
• Coping with Life Stress
• Awakening Spiritual Growth
• Increase Clarity

She will share her co-developed healing “The InnerPathic Process™.” Her gifts bridge many indigenous methods along with current brain, body, science and spiritual studies. This bridge allows for “Conscious Emergence™,” leading the revolution to personal evolution. Understanding the body-mind-spirit connection brings forward more personal power and greater clarity for everyone. She connects the physical, emotional, and cellular levels interwoven with the deep knowing’s of your soul. Her work offers a full shift in health, vitality, knowledge, and living in the present.

Each show ends with a healing practice to facilitate the teachings of the show.

Join Dr. Guldal as she asks, “Are YOU Awake?”

And tap into her extensive knowledge as a Psychologist, Naturopath, Medicine Woman, Brain-Body Expert, Intuitive Healer and Native American Spiritual Leader.

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Are You Awake? with Dr. Guldal Caba

Dr. Guldal has a PhD in Psychology and an NMD in Naturopathic Medicine. She is a licensed Psychologist and has degrees specializing in Communication, Philosophy, Human Development and a Masters Degree in Education. She is a Medicine Woman, a Sangoma, and the Spiritual Leader of ONAC of Bridging Healing Disciplines. Her gifts in Medical and Spiritual Intuition and “Sight” bridge all these elements together to create a unified approach to life and healing.

Her own illness with a complete physiological collapse given one week to live; further fueled her healing passion. Through multiple healers, disciplines and focus on the overall connection of body-mind-spirit, she emerged stronger and “AWAKE” in seeking the “highest good” in and for self and others.

Dr. Guldal practices in Ohio, New York, and Turkey, and she travels the globe learning, growing, and teaching while preparing her show Peace2. Her greatest joy comes from daily learning’s from clients, teachers and the ancestors.

Walk Sacred – Talk Sacred

Dr. Guldal Caba
Psychologist, Naturopath, Medicine Woman, Brain-Body Expert, Intuitive Healer