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Show Details HostAll human beings encounter major life altering challenges that will ‘rock their world’! Always ‘expect the unexpected’! A serendipitous experience or event can steer us off our chartered course towards a far more meaningful encounter with destiny. These self-made heroes embrace their unexpected challenges with courage, hope and belief in what they were meant to be.


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Challenging Lives™ – The Challenges of Foreclosure, Homelessness and Poverty During the Holiday Season- Part 1

The challenges of adults and their children being foreclosed on, leaving them homeless and poverty stricken, and our ‘giving back’ segment features ‘Catholic Charities’ and what happens to a homeless single mother with a small child who has a degree but finds herself going on welfare just to survive in ‘Expect the Unexpected’

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Challenging Lives™ with Gary Goehl

Gary Goehl is a writer, author and speaker. Since Gary was a child he has had numerous life altering challenges that have presented themselves along his path. He is using these provocative experiences to bring hope and insight to people across the globe. As a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, Gary is a tremendous advocate of our nation’s veterans. He passionately believes that every individual should take their life’s knowledge and experiences to further help others searching for hope along their personal journey and eventually arriving at a magnificent destination within themselves.


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