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Conscious Manifesting

Show Details HostKimberly Schneider, “The Manifestation Maven,” reveals how to create MORE of what you want in life (and less of what you don’t).


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Conscious Manifesting – DIRECT LINE TO GOD

Kimberly has a heart-to-heart with internationally renowned Irish vocalist and mystic Noirin Ni Riain, author of “Listen with the Ear of the Heart,” about her experience of God as an intimate friend and the way sound, music and silence connect us with the Divine that is present in every moment. You’ll hear selections from Noirin’s […]

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Conscious Manifesting with Kimberly Schneider

What happens when you take a body with the soul of a poet, the mind of a scholar and the heart of a healer… and make her a trial lawyer? Existential crisis and more graduate school. Throw in a private counseling practice, a marriage, two extraordinary children (one with special needs) and serial transformation. Now you have Kimberly Schneider, a manifestation coach and business alchemist who awakens entrepreneurs and other extraordinary individuals to the power of Conscious Manifestation and the joy of meaningful work. Kimberly is the author of Beyond Abundance: A Home Study Course on The Cornucopia Method of Manifestation and the forthcoming book MORE: Shattering the Five Illusions that Keep You Stuck.


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