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Divorce: Unmasked

Ann Cerney, LCPC, MS

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Join in weekly with Ann and hear firsthand important insider knowledge about how to navigate the turbulent waters of divorce. Ann explores the topic from several different perspectives, from litigation, mediation, and collaborative divorce. You will hear her guests discuss the ‘back story’ of divorce, what really works for divorcing people during negotiation, how to respond to the demands, both legal and emotional. Listening in you will discover surprising tips about what to focus on during your divorce, and what is not important, so that you can make it all the way to the end and PREVAIL! Yes, it is possible after divorce to create a new life! And, last but never least, we will talk about how to protect your children from divorce fallout and teach them to be resilient!

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Divorce: Unmasked – Do You Really Want to End up Being One of the 5% Who Actually Goes to Court?

Ann interviews a family law attorney in Illinois who practices both litigation and collaborative divorce.  Only 5% of litigated divorce cases make it to trial.  The other 95% of divorce cases are resolved by settlement between attorneys and their clients outside of court.  Mark Becker, from Western Springs, Illinois, explains to Ann a key characteristic […]

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Divorce: Unmasked with Ann Cerney

Ann Cerney is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) who maintains a private practice in Lisle, Illinois. Ann has been counseling people since the mid 90’s when she studied and ‘interned’ with a well-known psychiatrist in Singapore, Dr. Lim Yun Chin. Ann received her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Benedictine University in 2001 and joined Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois in 2006, co-chairing the Excellence and Best Practices committee from 2009-2011. She is now an active member of the International Academy for Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and Collaborative Practice Professionals of lllinois (CPPIL). Ann is part of an interdisciplinary group that has trained Illinois attorneys, financial and mental health professionals in collaborative divorce since 2010.

Ann works on collaborative divorce cases as a mental health professional/ divorce coach, and also provides consultation in litigated divorce cases. In addition, Ann acts as Parenting Coordinator and/or mediator for Cook and Dupage County family courts as a referral for high conflict cases involving parents who persistently seek court intervention post-divorce to help resolve child-related issues. She has also been selected and court-referred for therapeutic reunification, when parents become estranged from children during or after divorce. In 2011, Ann published an ebook titled “Divorce: What are my options?” It can be purchased at