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Face Facts: It’s Your Skin, Man!

Louis Beale II

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Host: Louis Beale II

For all of us, our skin is our largest organ. The proper care and nourishment of that skin helps us reflect who we really are on the inside. Men battle with special challenges related to shaving that can prevent a smooth and lustrous appearance. You don’t need to spend hundreds on products to keep your skin looking great. Join us on Face Facts for the tips and skills you need to stay looking and feeling great!


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Face Facts: It’s Your Skin, Man! – Why Women Date Unattractive Men

We are are going to be surprise to learn the answer to, Why Women Date Unattractive Men. Note what the Austrian scientist concluded with his survey, as well as Ms. Tyomi Morgans view point on this matter.

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Face Facts: It’s Your Skin, Man! with Louis Beale II

Louis H. Beale II, is a Disabled Veteran, a graduate of the University of Maryland-College Park Md. He began shaving at a very young age, in his early teens (many years ago). As with most young men, he was taught to use the products available. During the fifties and sixties, a straight razor, barber’s clippers, shaving creams, depilatories and a trip to the barber were about it. When he turn sixteen years old, he began to notice bumps along his jaw line, cheek, and neck area. Later he would learn that he developed psuedofolliculitis barbae, which are shaving bumps and ingrown hairs. He tried all the treatments and techniques he could find but they would not help but rather hinder and eventually damage his skin, leaving him with a severely irritated bumpy, and scarred face. That damage to his face is what started his quest for change, for something to help his skin when shaved.

It was late one spring night that he was inspired by his wife, to write down his fight (BeaSarc Facial Care System) to share with others, who are being tormented by Psuedofolliculitis Barbae-Shaving Bumps-Ingrown Hairs. The first book–Learn How To Fight Psuedofolliculitis Barbae–Shaving Bumps & Ingrown Hairs—-edited by my daughter Publish by
The second book–Got Shaving Bumps and Ingrown Hairs? The Art To Fighting Shaving Bumps and Ingrown Hairs was edited by his daughter and published by and is a Kindle -ebook.