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Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life

Jerry Katzman, MD

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For each of us healthy living means a unique strategy and formula for living. But, for all us there are universal realities that apply to creating those strategies. From the food we eat, to the way we handle stress, weight management and assessing our own health a whole new paradigm is in place. Toxicity, Deficiency, Obesity and Stress Protocol – TDOS is a new way of creating a wellness plan for success for a vital life and a longer life. Join us for amazing news from the world of science to help you live better and stronger.

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Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life – Interview Nan Wise PhD; Is Sexual Fulfillment (Orgasm) a Key to better Physical and Mental Health in Women?

This week Dr.Katzman interviews Nan Wise Ph.D a Rutgers University Assistant Research Professor and one of the country’s leading experts in the Cognitive Neuroscience of sexuality to answer these questions and more. Dr. Wise has been credited with being among the first researchers to systematically map the human brain using fMRI during orgasm,imagined stimulation, and […]

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Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life with Jerry Katzman, MD

Dr. Katzman graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering in 1974. Two years later Dr. Katzman went on to earn his M.D degree from the Universidad de Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. After graduation in 1980 he began a one-year supervised clinical service clerkship with a New York State 5th Pathway Program, a program affiliated with Albert Einstein MedicalCollege at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. This was an unpaid service position helping those in impoverished neighborhoods and serving the needs of the community in the surrounding rough neighborhoods of the Bronx known as “Fort Apache”. He later completed his internship in Internal Medicine and residency in Ophthalmology at the Albert Einstein College program located in the heart of the south bronx at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center.

Upon completion of his training Dr.Katzman initially joined a multi-specialty group practice in Brandon Fla where he developed the group’s dept of Ophthalmology. He then entered entered into private practice where he built one of the first state licensed free standing ambulatory surgical centers . The center also provided a multitude of services. These services included pharmacy,audiology, retinal dx and treatment, as well as, general eyecare, eye surgery and Optical. In addition aside from being an accomplished EyeMD and Eye Surgeon practicing general ophthalmology, including cataract and refractive surgical procedures ,It was in this setting that Dr.Katzman developed his experience in contracting with the major insurance carriers,( PPO HMO,PEO,CHPA,IPA,) etc. This in tern fostered him to the develop and position himself as founder of Eye Care International ( the nations largest discount network of eye care professionals( M.D.’s , O.D.’s opticians and Optical outlets) who deliver eyecare (including surgical services) and eyewear on a discounted basis).

The company became a public entity in 1994. Since that time Dr.Katzman has worked to provide not only affordable eyecare but programs which promote afffordable healthcare overall throughout the U.S Dr.Katzman has met with community leaders, leaders in corporate America, been on national radio and Television promoting affordable healthcare. After 17 years with Amacore ( successor to Eye Care International) Dr.Katzman retired as it’s Chief Medical Officer and has now begun working on a healthcare initiative to promote affordable healthcare and an emergency electronic medical records program. The electronic emergency records program was not only for all Americans but more specifically targeted to the Diverse Minority market where the need for the patient record is the greatest . Dr.Katzman in furtherance and pursuit of EMR development also served as CEO/Pres of Clinical Control Systems,Inc,an EMR development and marketing firm based in Boca Raton, Fla.. The company successfully developed a variety of EMR programs for all 34 Medical specialties but was too early in the adoption phase by physicians to sell enough programs to sustain itself. The government subsequently did mandate and provide incentives for the use of EMR programs by physicians however by the time the government finally rolled out its initiatives it was already too late and the Company had ceased operations…

In 2008 after retiring from Amacore Dr.Katzman co founded Core Corporate Consulting Group, Inc a private company designed to purchase and rejuvenate ailing public companies which were headed into bankruptcy. One such company Comprehensive behavioral care, inc a 40 year old public company was identified and targeted .. Dr.Katzman entered into a lucrative contract and served as its Executive VP of Strategic development. However after 7 months with the company and for circumstances out of his control Dr.Katzman no longer maintained his position with the company. He was however successful in helping obtain a 75M healthcare contract with the state of Puerto Rico.

Dr.Katzman is an Entrepreneur and Healthcare Consultant. His clients include various Biotechnology companies, Biopharma and Wall Street. His specialty area of interest is based in the following technologies i.e Autologous. stem cell therapies , , Structured Alkaline Silver Water for the treatment of Malaria, MRSA, CRE etc, Nutraceuticals, ,adaptogens, Omega3, Tumeric, and trace metals. Other areas of interest include Telomere Technology for DNA genetic testing and Engineering, Weight loss, and disease management for adults and children afflicted with (ADD, ADHD,AUTISM Autoimmune Diseases) as affected by the recently discovered TDOS Syndrome and Protocol ; Patient Personal Electronic Medical Record Development for Diverse Minorities and HealthCare related professionals.
Dr.Katzman has lectured and presented to Major Healhcare insurance carriers, Chambers of Commerce, Wall Street, Civic Groups and Community Leaders.. He has also appeared on Home Shopping Network, and Many National radio programs to discuss and promote EyeHealth , EMR ,and patient advocacy.

Dr.Katzman has hosted a weekly BlogTalkRadio Show on Weight Loss and Disease Management as it relates to the TDOS syndrome and TDOS Protocol. The show was focused on promoting health, preventing and eliminating disease, maintaining Wellness and slowing down the premature aging process.. Dr.Katzman began hosting a new webtalkRadio show In Jan 2014 titled Healthy,Strong and Active;Your Strategy for life based out of Chicago and part of Tower Communications. The show is also carried on ITunes and soon to be released on Stitcher Radio


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