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Are you struggling through trials, tribulations, and persecution? Are you living in bondage to a situation? Are you in need of clarity about your identity, purpose, and destiny? Cast off the shackles of confusion, Liberated Living will lift your spirit and clarify your path. Your destiny and purpose await!

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Liberated Living – “Setting A Trap For God: The Aramaic Prayer Of Jesus” w/ Guest Dr. Rocco Errico (Part 2)

In every religion, prayer is an essential part of one’s spiritual practice that gives the individual the ability to be in union with God. Listen and download part 2 of this show as Eliakim is joined by Dr. Rocco Errico to spiritually elaborate on the true essence and Aramaic meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. Charles […]

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Liberated Living with Eliakim Thorpe

Eliakim Thorpe is the first-born son of 5 children. He is the quintessential Renaissance man; he is a Minister, Entrepreneur, an aspiring Author, and a Senior Network Engineer in the field of Information Technology in corporate America.

He loves traveling, reading, studying world religion, playing basketball, and more importantly spending time with his wife and 5 children. He is active in his community serving on various non-profit organizations to provide leadership, strategy, organizational direction, and advocating for the: socially and economically impoverished.

A man of God who is gifted, appointed, and anointed by God; Eliakim encourages and empowers people to discover their life purpose and destiny using biblical principles. His challenge is to teach a relevant Word of God so that the burdened and broken can break the chains of bondage in their life using the formula:
“Liberated Living” was born from an awareness and spiritual sensitivity towards the human conditions of: poverty, teen pregnancy, abuse, violence, lack of purpose and direction in life, broken family relationships, addiction, divorce, homelessness, joblessness, and lack of forgiveness. Eliakim believes these existing conditions now demand that a spiritual liberation movement take place if the chains of bondage are to be broken in this world. Many people are suffering: spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically, and relationally. As a result, humanity has lost its identity. Furthermore, he believes it is only in the realization of one’s divine identity that many people will experience the supernatural move of God in their life!

To request Eliakim for motivational and inspirational speaking engagements, please contact him via twitter & email at: liberated.living@gmail.com or http://twitter.com/liberatedliving


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