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Host: Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu for Great Health serves us the questions and answers surrounding the issues that are tied to the foods and health products we choose and their effect on personal health. You will hear take away guidance on day to day shopping and cooking easy meals along with big picture perspective on making wise choices. Join host Chef Tom Castrigno as he talks with a wide range of guests including health experts and authors for insights on how you can stay on the path to wellness.

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Menu For Great Health – No More Food Fights

Shoppers in the grocery aisles are questioning more and more where the food they are purchasing is coming from, how it was grown or produced, and in some cases, were the animals used raised healthfully and compassionately.  They’re asking what it means if something is labeled organic?  Why is some milk marketed as hormone free?  Farmers, who produce […]

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Menu for Great Health with Chef Tom Castrigno

With a lifetime of wellness experience to share, Tom Castrigno brings his background in healthy eating and cooking to the conversation on America’s health crisis.

Tom has worked as a personal chef for the last 10 years in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region. With his guidance his clients have developed not only a taste for but also the ability to create their own healthy meals at home. Tom’s philosophy is to unpack the steps to shopping, and using whole fresh foods in delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes.

Author of the forthcoming book “The Confidence Diet”, Tom’s passion is to help people overcome obstacles to having the great health they deserve so that they can stay out of the doctor’s office.

Self-trained as a chef through work and travel, Tom focuses on dishes that are accessible to the home cook. Drawing on international cuisines such as Mediterranean, Thai, and Indian, Tom gives you a variety of easy healthy meals to bring to your table.

Need to know more about Tom? Just Google his name.


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