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There is a mission to stop and prevent bullying and to help those who have suffered from it, and Mr. Mojo is leading the charge. No matter what people say, text, tweet or post about them, Travis Brown aka Mr. Mojo reminds kids that they have value. Being different doesn’t mean that you aren’t normal, it just means you are unique, not wrong, not weird, just different. Celebrities, experts and educators will join Travis for frank discussion, ideas and answers to stop the spread of bullying across our country.

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Mojo Up – Stop Bullying! – The Motivation to Win in Life!

If someone told you when you were a kid “Fat Girls Don’t Eat French Fries” how would that have impacted you? Kids every day are being taunted and tormented about every thing from their looks to theirclothes down to their weight. So how do you over come this? How do you rebound from some of […]

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Mojo Up – Stop Bullying! with Travis Brown

Travis Brown grew up in the small Midwestern town of Lafayette, Indiana; raised by a hard working single mother and factory-working father. A three-sport varsity athlete in high school, Travis went on to pursue his dream of playing college football following graduation.

After college, Travis spent the next decade in sales, executive management, consulting and business ownership. Expanding on many of his own life lessons, Travis turned his attention from the corporate world to focus on providing success and leadership tools for students across the country. It is through these leadership skills that he encourages students to “Mojo up” and take a stand against bullying.

As a top motivational speaker, Travis acquired the name “Mr. Mojo” for his high energy, intense content and captivating speaking style. He has delivered over 1,600 hours of motivational presentations to companies and youth nationwide,

On his anti-bullying tours, Travis has impacted the lives of nearly 300,000 students in the United States and abroad. He is also called on to bring motivation and inspiration to professional athletes and sports teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns.

Currently, Travis is recognized as America’s Anti-bullying Coach for his tireless work to fight the social epidemic of bullying and change the lives of today’s youth. The Operation Mojo No Bullying Tour ( ) has created a unique way for Travis to connect to students with his life changing anti-bullying message: Mojo UP – Leaders Taking a Stand Against Bullying!

While students across the country are taking the pledge to Mojo Up ( ), the effort continues to inspire schools and communities to make an impact on the anti-bullying movement by touching the lives of students that are bullies, victims or bystanders. The driving forces to change the culture are the concepts of the Leaders Taking a Stand Against Bullying program.

In addition to speaking to thousands of students across the country and beyond, Travis is also the accomplished author of Teen Leaders are MOJO Makers, Mojo Up & Stop Bullying, and is the creator of the Operation Mojo Bullying Prevention Program. Travis has been seen on FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and as an Inspiring Made Coach on MTV.

Travis encourages students, parents and educators to take the MOJO UP CHALLENGE, and join him on his mission to “change the world one student at a time.”