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Once upon a time, most of stock market transactions were made by a real live person. Today – only 10% of trades are actually touched by a human being. Rather than relying on a software program to steer your portfolio of investments – wouldn’t you rather be at the wheel? Each week, on Nickel Dime Speculator you’ll hear news and tips from authors and experts about not only the stock market but also gold, silver, wine, coins, diamonds and stamps. It’s your money and your future, shouldn’t you be in charge?
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Nickel Dime Speculator – Relevancy in the Marketplace

The marketplace. What is the market. What index is relevant today. What matter other than the current value of your portfolio?

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Nickel Dime Speculator with Gary Gonzales

Gary F. Gonzales is a native son of New Jersey. He graduated from Jersey City State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He served as a Special Agent for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Security during the Reagan Administration. He is retired Law Enforcement and retired Military. His investigative skills, the ability to ferret out information in these occupations is equally applicable to investing. Gary began investing at the ripe old age of 13 through a brokerage account established by his parents, in their name. He got to make the decisions as to what to buy and when to buy and sell it.

In 50 years of investing he has learned from his own mistakes and successes, and has gleaned useful information from others—both their successes, and their mistakes. He has developed a set of protocols that have enabled him to profit in hard times as well as in boom times. Now you can profit from his experience. He has written a book on investing, COME AND TAKE IT, and publishes a monthly E-Newsletter, THE NICKEL DIME SPECULATOR.


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