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Achieve your maximum potential. Start by finding the passion in your life and then turn that knowledge into success. Join KD every week as he works with, talks about and interviews experts in his on-going efforts to help people move through the struggles in their lives and achieve peak performance. KD investigates all the major areas of life including Spiritually, Finances, Health, Fitness and Education.

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Peak Performance with K D Hardy

Today, Kerry travels extensively, speaking to groups throughout the country. Kerry motivates people to achieve peak performance by becoming leaders and making healthy lifestyle choices.

He is the author of These Four Walls and the Ultimate Guide To Parenting Drug Free Kids. To learn more about the author please visit his website.

As a top-of-his-class graduate of the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking and Leadership Course, a graduate of the Les Brown Speaker Training Program and the Dr. Myles Munroe Speaker Training Program, Speaker K.D. Hardy currently travels the U.S., speaking and sharing his Choice Leadership Expert message. With experience as a part of Les Brown’s Platinum Speaker’s Program, K.D. brings his exceptional, life-changing knowledge to every event, as he inspires young people, their parents, educators and mentors, to achieve excellence and LEAD – with the right choices – in all areas of life.

K.D. is a native of Birmingham, Alabama where he grew up in a traditional southern home. His mother and father, both hard workers, provided exceptional structure and discipline for their children. After high school, K.D. began his formal education at Alabama A&M University. However, shortly after arriving at A&M, he made a drastic u-turn, becoming involved in street life and the illegal drug trade.

After years of illegal activities, K.D. was incarcerated for six years. During his incarceration, K.D. completed his education, receiving an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. Other achievements include a Financial Planning diploma and Personal Trainer certification. K.D. has also pursued extensive study in the areas of personal development, psychology, and parenting and credits the reading of nearly 500 books on self-development and spirituality as the catalyst for the change in his life, planting the desire to lead with right choices.

This time period was a pivotal one Kerry. He decided to dedicate his life to improving the same community that he helped destroy. Out of this turning point, The Peak Performance Academy was born. The Peak Performance Academy is a non-profit organization that K.D. Hardy started in order to educate, inspire and motivate youth and young adults to become leaders and make the right choices for their lives. He does this by speaking and teaching them through his personal experiences and education. He vowed that he would live the rest of his life making a difference.


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