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Consider this show a Doctor’s guide for saving this country. Using both his professional experience as a physician and his personal views as a citizen of this country, Dr. Tony Maglione offers more common sense than we usually see in our entire congress. Join a free- flowing discussion – with young people, friends, neighbors, experts and laymen on the issues we all face today – with emphasis on political and medical issues. Learn how to make informed choices in our everyday lives – whether they be political or about our own healthcare. Hear the pulse of America.

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Political Pull – When in the course of human events…

As the nation celebrates its 237th anniversary of independence from religious and economic persecution, our government plots to steal those hard fought freedoms from all of us. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and others in Washington are deliberately and systematically undermining the foundation of our independence. Christianity, the unborn, our healthcare and our prosperity are all […]

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Political Pulse with Tony Maglione MD

Dr. Tony Maglione had to speak up. Although he had never been directly involved in politics, he was concerned about the transformation of America, under the Obama administration, towards increasing government involvement and control over our lives. When the healthcare bill was passed in March 2010, he felt compelled to write “How To Vote To Save This Country”.
Tony’s parents emigrated from Italy to New York after World War II. He grew up in a household where only Italian was spoken. After a summer job as a hospital orderly, at age 19, he knew he wanted to be a doctor, and subsequently graduated from medical school at the University of Rome, Italy in 1980. He then received his cardiology training at the Cleveland Clinic and is board certified in cardiology, internal medicine and nuclear medicine.
Tony loves cardiology for a variety of reasons including its emphasis on preventative medicine. He enjoys working with patients on healthy lifestyles, nutrition and exercise – even though he does confess to still loving his mother’s baked pasta and has a hard time turning down a good slice of pizza.
Currently, he is writing a book on Obamacare. As a physician, with first hand knowledge of what government control of healthcare can do, and as a father who raised his two children as a single parent, he wants to reach out and inform as many Americans as he can that government control of healthcare will worsen this country’s health – both physically and financially.
Tony works today in a large cardiology group in Wilmington, North Carolina and is married to Mindy Maglione, an adult nurse practitioner.


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