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Dr. Beth Erickson

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Host: Dr. Beth Erickson

Relationships 101 is a series of conversations about relationships of
all kinds: spouses, partners and singles, parents with children and grandchildren, siblings with each other, friendships, and mentors and the mentees whose growth they invest in nurturing. Its central theme emphasizes the importance of relationships to everyone’s quality of life and the problems that occur when they are fractured.

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Relationships 101 – Ritual Sex Abuse of a Boy, Mad Dad’s President on Leaving a Gang

Dr. Beth ( first spoke with Neil Brick ( about his experience from infancy on as a victim of the ritual sex abuse he endured. We also spoke about how being sexually abused impacts the survivor’s intimate relationships in adulthood. Then she spoke with V.J. Smith (, the newly inaugurated national President of Mad Dads, […]

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… could tell you that she:

  • completed her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota in 1976;
  • then completed two years’ post-doctoral training in marriage and family therapy at The Family Institute, which is part of Northwestern University;
  • has practiced marriage and family therapy for over three decades;
  • is an executive and life coach, media host, and professional speaker;
  • authored three books, the most recent of which is Marriage Isn’t For Sissies: 7 Simple Keys to Unlocking the Best Part of Your Life, as well as a dozen juried articles for professional publications;
  • has developed a teleseminar series to accompany Marriage Isn’t for Sissies;
  • previously was host of “Mirrors of the Soul,” on which she interviewed bestselling authors, women movers and shakers, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things;
  • has been sought for interviews on NBC Chicago, Voice of America, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Better Homes and Gardens, and The Miami Herald, among others;
  • makes her home in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.

But those aren’t her real qualifications for hosting a show on relationships. Dr. Beth is a proud wife, stepmother of 3, mother-in-law, grandmother of 5, great-grandmother of 1, aunt, great aunt, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, cat and dog mother, friend, coach, and mentor.

That’s good to know. Because she will be talking about the importance of our connections with people to our quality of life and own survival as individuals, and to the continuation of us as a people and even as a civilization. Along the way, she’ll offer tools for evaluating, maintaining, strengthening, and ending relationships of all kinds.

Dr. Beth is a regular columnist for Womens Online Marketing and is known as “The Best Part of Your Life” Doctor.


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