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We have capability to maintain strength of mind, body, and brain throughout our lifespans. 77 Million Baby Boomers born – many are now dead, disabled, scared and confused. Most are seeking the Fountain of Youth and productive longevity. Still others face the challenges of chronic disease with end of life dependencies. SELF CARE AMERICA seeks to develop a ‘smart-net’ for connected care. Featuring conversations with patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians and coaches. You’ll hear experience and wisdom and benefit from our diversities within a learning environment. Together we can better understand personalized medicine, patient-centered research and identify our best solutions for ‘aging in place’.The Internet is already the future of radio, and WebTalk Radio is the radio station of your future. Get what you want, when you want it. Just click and listen. Find virtually anything that interests you – and if you don’t, email us at We’ll do our best to create a new show for the niche that drives your listening. Step into the future of Talk Radio.

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Self Care America with CF Smith, MD

Education: L’Abri – Huemoz Suisse-1970
Maryville College, Maryville, TN – 1971, BA Chemistry
Co-Author, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Jan 1971, National Science Foundation Grant
University of Tennessee Medical Units, Memphis, TN-1975 MD
Huntington Hospital, Pasadena, CA Internship-1976
Wadsworth Veterns Administration, Residency Training Physical Medicine
& Rehabilitation-1979

Experience Following Internship: Employed by Ross-Loose and California Medical Group, Inc. Both of whom were acquired by Insurance Company of North America, later evolving to become CIGNA. Hospital Based Physician: Director of Alcohol / Multi Drug Detox Unit- 20 beds & 21 Day Program.

Private Practice, Knoxville, TN prior to automobile accident and return to CA for prolonged rehabilitation.

Served as Investor-Medical Director for 7 Clinic chain in Orange Co/ Riverside Co CA.
*Director, Institute for Specialized Medicine, 36 location National Chain. Smoking, Obesity, Impotence.
*Director, Center for Advanaced Medicine, Encinitas, CA, an integrated practice.
*Clinical Director, BioTox Center in San Diego, an environmental detoxification facility.
*Director, Men’s Medical Clinics, Tennessee prior to the release of Viagra.
*NOTE: these are consumer direct programs which may be cash based and marketed thru various channels

CEO, SophistaCare and Administrator, Calexico Hospital, Heffernan Hospital District.
During this time he learned the value of remote communications while working with Baylor and Scripps addressing border medicine and challenges faced by farm workers along the Rio Grande.

Transition to technology, information management, consulting, with formation of a Practice Based Research Network in 2007. This was based upon premise that small practices, unaffiliated with academia, could be bolted together online with data selectively used for research purposes to drive additional revenue for physicians.

SMART-NET USA was originally envisioned in 2003 secondary to work with IBM Global Services. This is a connectivity solution combining social media and messaging for consumer / patient populations sharing a common health challenge. Dementia is a health challenge as we all agree. It is intertwined with diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as osteoporosis and a myriad of environmental / lifestyle factors leading to genetic mutation.

Background Information:
I was trained as a physician, graduating medical school in 1975 and beginning my internship in Pasadena, CA when I first competed in the 1975 MR. AMERICA in Culver City, CA. I went to Pasadena to train with Bill Pearl with the objective to become the first MD to win the Mr. America title and take preventive medicine and fitness into the future. As favorite in 1978, I suffered a severe lumbar disc injury and subsequently entered residency training in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Los Angeles. I later had a serious car wreck which re-injured the lumbar spine and herniated a C4-C5 disc resulting in a lawsuit, settlement, and formation of a medical management company.

For the past three years I have been heavily involved in remote access technology applications for Practice Based research and community connectivity within the care continuum. It is my belief that ‘ Health Clubs in the future will provide a significant HUB for WellCare versus SickCare…and create sustainable revenues within the emerging healthcare paradigm of the MEDICAL HOME and Accountable Care Organization.

I am currently a Master Trainer Specialist with additional certifications in Diabetes and Functional Training through the Cooper Institute, Dallas, TX. In 1992 I served as Medical Director for Personalized ‘Prescription’ Training at the LA Fitness Flagship location in Anaheim, CA. This was a venture featuring corporate fitness, weight loss programs and physical therapy within the health club setting.

Fitness Medicine was first articulated and presented in 1986 in Vegas at the Club Industry Convention and venue of the inaugural ‘Ms Fitness USA’ contest. It was my privilege to introduce the self-proclaimed Father of Fitness Medicine, Win Paris to the audience. As obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease continue to take their financial toll, greater awareness and personal responsibility for self care is taking hold. Risk factors can be mitigated and reversed; payers and employers are cost-shifting the financial burden, tracking compliance and creating rewards; and Baby Boomers seek to remain active while subscribing to anti-aging solutions.