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Ladies, do you have too much month left at the end of your money? As independent women, we need to get our financial houses in order. Habits and behaviors can make us feel bogged down and stuck in our current situation. But the truth is you’re not! Don’t wait for “the” job or Prince Charming – start preparing now. When you are in charge of your money – you’ll be creating your own destiny for a solid financial future. Let’s get energized together and take small steps forward to reach our personal & financial goals. Join Jenny Kerr of The Jenny Pincher each week as she guides you to become purposeful in all areas of personal finance. From the basics like creating a spending plan to discovering why you should start saving NOW, Jenny will guide you on your personal finance journey. TODAY is your day; will you take action and get started?

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Smart Girl’s Guide to Life and Money with Jenny Kerr

Hi, my name is Jenny and I’m the creator and author of a wonderful blog as well as a new radio host of the show called Smart Girl’s Guide to Life and Money. If you are anything like me, you are ready to get out of debt and start building wealth.

The reason I started my blog was because I was annoyed by all of the “mom blogs” out there. I was tired of reading blogs with financial information that was geared towards people with kids or a family. There didn’t seem to be a lot of information for single women on getting out of debt and building wealth. I still wanted to save money, but most of those situations didn’t apply to me.

So I spent a few years figuring out things like coupons, budgeting and saving so I could share this information with other women. I started my blog so I could meet, network and give back to other women who are in the same situation I was. Hopefully my story and posts will help inspire you to get proactive with your financial situation.

I love the topic of personal finance and sharing this information with other people. I have done a little bit of everything in the financial industry over my career. I was a lender for 7 years handling commercial, consumer and residential loans. I am also licensed to sell life/health and property/casualty insurance in the state of MO. I have an undergraduate degree in Ag-Business with a minor in Agronomy and a MBA from Lindenwood University.

I taught a self-developed budgeting course at the community college called “The Basics of Budgeting”. I loved teaching this class and sharing my knowledge on saving money. I got the idea from my days as a lender, people would come into my office and ask me “how much can I afford for a house”? WHAT?!?! You should know this!!! I was shocked people put so much trust in the lender to tell them what to buy. It really bothered me too. So after some planning and more planning…I created the class and had a pretty successful run teaching it for 4 years. I’ve also done budgeting counseling through my church and spoke for women’s financial education seminars.


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