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Join the Success Architect Bill Nelson for real time sessions to explore practical strategies to bring your success to the next level. Bill and his son Jae get serious about proven strategies and easy to use insights that will move you from intent into action. Ditch the hype, cookie cutter approach and theoretical models. Through Success Sessions utilize Bill’s thirty years practical experience designing, refining and implementing strategies that produce outstanding results.

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Success Sessions with Bill and Jae Nelson

Bill Nelson–The Success Architect

Bill Nelson is the Success Architect. He has translated his experience and skill as a multi-award and championship winning sports coach into a world-class corporate consultancy; Total Performance Concepts.

He may be recognized for his achievements as a former VP of the World Swim Coaches Association and former coach of the Australian Olympic Swim team. Or because he continues to work with elite level international athletes in Basketball, Road Cycling, Surfing, Snowboarding, and Rugby League.

However Bill’s skill is no longer the exclusive property of elite level athletes, his experience has now spread to a much wider field.

His knowledge of success, team building, leadership and organizational culture is utilized by business, defense forces, education, media and government entities around the world.

Jae Nelson-The Pesky Kid

The greatest insight you will ever get to Jae Nelson comes in the form of a tattoo on his right forearm….Life Rewards Action. For Jae, Life Rewards Action is so much more than a tattoo or even a slogan. It’s an insight that was given to him by his late grandfather. It has become his personal philosophy, a belief, a way of life.

Although a fully qualified Audio Engineer and a musician of note, Jae sees himself more as a student of life. He is that pesky kid. The kid that never accepts the status quo, or settles for….that’s the way it is.

He’s always been prepared to ask the difficult questions, and more importantly to consistently search for the right answers. And in the process drive his father crazy. His approach to Success Sessions will be no different.


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