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We all want good health, but are we going about it the right way? Are we asking the right questions? The Roots of Health explores the disconnect between our health and our modern environment. Let’s question conventional health wisdom and investigate ancestral health as a means of informing your path forward. By cultivating a new perspective, rediscovering your primal-self, and thinking outside the box, you can wake up healthier every day. Let’s find the root of good health! Show Sponsor Show Sponsor

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The Roots of Health – Dietary Guidelines: This country wrote the definitive one

Dietary food guidelines are a distinctly modern phenomenon. Why do they even exist? Probably because all of the sudden, consumers have so many choices, that they can no longer instinctually feed themselves… and remain healthy. While the US has been making dietary recommendations to its citizens for over a century, and have updated them every […]

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The Roots of Health with Meredith Rhodes Carson

Meredith Rhodes Carson is a geologist turned health coach (From This Day Forward Health Coaching) who has taken her life back – fundamentally by shifting her perspective and asking questions. Her background in geology gives her both deep evolutionary insight, a curiosity to explore and to learn more, and an unwillingness to accept that there is one single answer to any problem. Especially when it comes to human health in a modern world.

After her own doctor failed her, Meredith was motivated to become the expert in her own body, and so began her journey of self-discovery. Over the course of a year or so, she weaned herself off of 2 prescription medications, regained her fertility, stopped losing hair, lost her anxiety, gained confidence and mental clarity, and cultivated a very healthy respect for her body. And now that she’s been certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach, she’s ready to help you to ask important questions about your own health, to support you to see your life here on Earth from a new perspective, and to regain control of your body like you never thought you could.

Interested in more? Visit Meredith at to re-direct your own journey on this planet today.


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