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Wake Up America: Get Real!

Don Gould

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World Traveler and Foreign Policy Expert Don Gould talks about serious matters impacting our world today! After years abroad stomping over every continent on this planet, Don came home and is ready to WAKE UP AMERICA! Our foundational values, our economy, our unity are under assault daily and it time we fight back to save this GREAT NATION! Together, we will dissect Radical Islam, Political Correctness, Class Warfare and the Incompetent Economic lack of direction offered up by the Obama Administration. We will also discuss the REAL Obama and his destructive goals for this Nation. Join us to GET REAL and be a part of the solution!!!!!!!

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Wake Up America: Get Real! with Don Gould

After dodging rockets, learning foreign languages, contracting malaria and being exposed to leprosy, Don Gould came back home and felt the need to share his perspective of the world. While living down & dirty in the streets of developing nations, Don learned of a world where chimp meat was offered for dinner, friend’s cars were hijacked and rockets came flying through the roof of the room next door to Don. He has traveled, lived and worked over many years in a variety of culturally diverse and exotic locales around the globe to say the least!

Don’s diverse working and living experience includes assignments in Iraq, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Chad, Mexico, Canada and Australia. His travel experiences would require a list too long for this venue but suffice it to say Don has trod the streets, jungles, mountains and valleys of every inhabited continent on this earth.

Don is a unique character molded by the vast experience of his life. As a 15 year old, Don overcame the loss of a leg after tangling with the wrong end of a shot gun in a hunting accident. This didn’t stop Don. He plunged full force into everything that life has thrown at him and carved out a unique and interesting life. As a young man unable to join the military, Don joined the US Merchant Marine to assist in the war effort by transporting supplies to Vietnam where many of his classmates went and some never returned. He later worked in the Middle East where he experienced Islamic terrorism up close and personal in Iraq while leading Logistics and Services as a contractor to the US Army.
Don has witnessed abject poverty while living in an African area where albinos are still sacrificed to a volatile mountain to keep it tame. He also experienced tribal warfare in Papua New Guinea where the sky rained arrows and the bay ran red with blood as tribesmen went to war with machetes.

His desire to write began to boil over and came to fruition when he returned to the US after taking early retirement from his role of Vice President, Project Services for a major global mining company. On returning to America in 2009, Don found his beloved country headed totally in the wrong direction. Don found our leadership had moved so far to the extreme left that our President was roaming the globe bowing down to Islamic Kings and apologizing for American actions that required support not apologies.

Don understood based on his own personal experiences in Islamic dominated societies and countries that the majority of Muslims are taught from childhood to fully believe that Islam is destined to rule the world. It is this truth that led Don to write “9/11 to Global Jihad” in an attempt to WAKE UP AMERICA to understand the real threat this great nation faces. We too often take for granted the rights and privileges associated with the 21st Century America we live in today. In sharp contrast, many people on the other side of the world live in the 7th century with the barbaric values associated with this time period. It is this immersion into distant lands and cultures that led Don to his unique perspective of the REAL WORLD we live in.