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Dr. Rosina McAlpine

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Host: Dr. Rosina McAlpine

Do you need some new parenting ideas that you and your child will love? Then you’ll enjoy Dr Rosina’s refreshing practical approach to managing day-to-day parenting challenges without the need to discipline, punishment or reward your children. Each week you’ll get step-by-step strategies to boost your expertise and confidence as a parent and the tools you need to teach your children life skills to become successful, cooperative and caring members of your family. Join Dr Rosina each week as she shares her unique Win Win approach – combining the heart and science of parenting – so it’s good for parents and good for kids!

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Win Win Parenting – Shared Parenting: Fathers stepping up and Mothers letting go

Do you find you’re disagreeing with your partner about how to parent? Do you feel like you’re doing most of the parenting and your partner has checked out? Do these conversations sound familiar? “Stop winding up the kids before bed… they’ll never fall asleep!” “You ‘baby’ the kids, stop being so over protective – let […]

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Win Win Parenting with Dr. Rosnia McAlpine

Dr Rosina McAlpine is an author, inspirational speaker and creator of the Win Win Parenting Program. Her practical approach is simple and effective and helps with today’s parenting challenges by giving busy parents the knowledge and the resources to support their children to be happy, well-balanced and resourceful.

As an award winning educator, Dr Rosina provides easy-to-follow practical parenting advice based on the latest research into child development. Parents feel confident to help their children develop life skills like good self-esteem, communications skills, resilience, a positive attitude, good nutrition, stress management and emotional intelligence so they can to overcome life’s challenges and succeed. The life skills activities have been developed for busy families and can be completed in only 15 minutes at a time.

Dr Rosina co-hosts a parenting TV show, writes a popular blog and has had numerous articles published in national magazines. Her press citations include ABC, FOX, NBS and CBS.

As an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, she is an internationally recognised educator and researcher with five teaching awards and five best paper awards. Her book “Inspired Children: how the leading minds of today raise their kids” published by Sydney University Press, brings together the latest research by world leaders in psychology, education and neuroscience to share their insights and heart-warming personal stories about raising healthy, happy and successful children.


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