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Loving your body starts from within. How we see ourselves – our body image – can color our external relationships with family and friends and even stand in the way of success. On Your Body – Your Self we’ll talk about how to unshackle ourselves from poor body images and the attendant unhappiness evidenced with poor health, bad relationships, excess weight and general unhappiness. You can live an inspired, happy, juicy, sexy, lively, successful, vibrant life. Join us and our knowledgeable expert guests to help you step into your amazing you.

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Your Body – Your Self – Greening Your Sex Life

Did you know your mattress, sex toys, and lubrication can affect your sex life and your sexual health? Tinamarie Bernard shares how some simple changes can make a big difference in your sex life and your sexual connection with your partner.

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Your Body – Your Self with Bonnie Gayle

Bonnie Gayle, Body Image & Intimacy Expert and the Co-Creator of Sex Butter, educates and speaks on how to feel comfortable & confident in your body, connect intimately & step into your personal sensual and sexual power. Her product Sex Butter, a sexually empowering butter made with organic plant based oils is infused with messages of love and healing. Bonnie work involves; releasing body bondage, loving yourself, and inspiring sensual & sexual freedom to open up intimacy in a whole new way!

Bonnie’s past life experience includes, negative body image, bulimia and compulsive overeating, low self esteem, being stalked and raped. These traumatic experiences self loathing and coping in unhealthy ways including: withdrawal, binging & purging, emotional eating, promiscuity and self-deprecation. After healing her negative body image, lack of self worth and intimacy/sexual issues, Bonnie has successfully assisted, mentored, and educated both men and women on the importance of appreciating, enjoying, and loving their bodies. Daily pleasure, loving yourself, and engaging in healthy sex & intimacy to live your most happy, successful and vibrant life is Bonnie’s philosophy.