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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Animal Telepathy

Dogs often know when their owners are coming home and this week my guest Rupert Sheldrake gives us inside information on his scientific tests.. Is this a sixth sense or just telepathy I ask? Perhaps it is stretching the limits of telepathy as we know it but I offer an explanation. Rupert talks about the psychic ability of parrots, cats and horses, as well as dogs, offering much detailed information which is quite fascinating and very revealing. See his website and a wonderful example of telepathy by the Nolan Sisters. As well as his interest in human and animal telepathy we discuss his book ‘The New Science of Life’, which shows the way that life forms and how we are born with a full complement of instinctive knowledge and behaviour. The science of DNA is only part of the story. Somewhere there is a memory of what a human brain and mind has to be like, and this memory bank is used to form us all. He makes a distinction between telepathy and the memory bank which creates the blueprint for life and instinct. My own theory is that the mechanism of telepathy is the same as Rupert’s morphic fields and memory bank, where the memory bank is the body and minds of the rest of the species, using a carrier which is not generally accepted by science, but which carries the information from cells in one individual to direct the proper formation of cells in any other individual. This possibility answers the dilemma of biologists searching for the way that cells divide to form limbs, body, or brain complete with a library of instinctive information. And that mechanism, for transferring the information of instinct is that which gives telepathy. See my website which gives my latest thoughts since publishing my book Sublimity.