Football Ranters

The Danchise & The Football Ranter

Football Ranters – The Spectacularly Spectacular Draft Spectacular Show

The draft is here! The draft is here! Well, close enough, anyway. In honor of the most awesome offseason event the NFL can reasonably offer us, Ranter and The Danchise look back over the draft history of every team. We decide who is the best, who sucks the most and who will be next for each and every team in the league. We also check in with the team from Shorty’s, the host bar of the 1st Annual Football Ranters NFL Draft Party. All that plus new editions of Incomplete Headlines, Football 101 and BUSTED! Don’t forget to enter our mock draft contest – it’s free and you can win great prizes. Next week, we give kneejerk reactions and arbitrary grades to your favorite teams based on our perception of their draft performance. It’s a party all the time, Lunatics.