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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Thriving in this economy: Fundraising tips from Kim Klein 051412

The economy is limping along and so is income for a large number of nonprofits, many whom were just making it before the recession. When you’ve cut as deep as you can, and foregone salary increases for several years, what should you do? That’s right. Give more time and attention to your individual donors and fundraising.

On this week’s show, I have a delightful conversation with Kim Klein, a passionate fundraising consultant and blogger who will get you thinking about new actions to take to build your non-profit’s individual donor base. It’s no longer prudent for any non-profit to treat individual fundraising like an afterthought – and we’re talking about you if you hastily assemble spring and year-end campaigns that look the same as the past few years. Your lack of imagination is recognized by donors.

During our discussion, Kim also describes what sustainability is, and encourages nonprofit leaders to be more thoughtful and vocal about the role of public funding. Kim is the author of several books, including Fundraising for Social Change, now in its 6th edition, and also, Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times.

This is a fun, thought-provoking show, and we hope you laugh as much as we did during the interview!