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A Second Opinion

T.S. Wiley

A Second Opinion – “We’re Gonna Make You Pay …”

In her latest episode of “A Second Opinion,” TS Wiley dissects the world of insurance re-imbursements with expert pharmacy benefits manager Diana Baumohl. Diana started with Express Scrips and now is a part of eMedical Fusion, a practice management software company for physicians. Coming from both sides, Diana spills the secrets you’ve always wondered about when it comes to insurance. In “We’re Gonna Make You Pay,” Wiley asks her the question no one does: “Why do they pay for Viagra and Birth Control Pills, but not your bioidentical hormones?” Viagra is recreational and contraceptives are prophylactive to new life–neither one has any Health Benefits. Think about it, is that fair? Don’t miss this expert’s tips for working the system to your benefit.