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Bounce Back to Your Brilliance!

Angel Tyree

Bounce Back to Your Brilliance! – 100 Pedals; How a Dad challenged his son’s heroin addiction.

Dave Cooke is a nationally recognized speaker, author, trainer and growth expert who leverages his 25 years of sales and marketing experience to create and implement strategic initiatives and develop educational programs that result in incredible accomplishments. Despite these valuable and credible professional experiences, Dave was ill prepared for the challenges associated with his youngest son’s heroin addiction. Providing guidance and inspiration to business leaders was of little experiential value when it came to being a parent, dealing with the chaos of addiction, and not losing control of his own life. Dave discovered an entirely different perspective to all of his previous professional and personal experiences and founded 100Pedals™ – taking to his bike and pedaling for his life; providing him with a renewed inspiration, insight, and commitment to helping businesses, teams, and individuals reach for and realize incredible outcomes in the face of their own adversities.