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Enlightened Life – What Would Jesus Eat?

From Genesis to the New Testament, the Bible urges people not to kill animals for food, but to eat a plant based diet. The dominion given to humanity for the earth and all living things is a sacred responsibility, not a license to destroy the environment, torment God’s creatures or indulge in a diet that brings disease, old age and death. Jesus taught us to live in peace with each other and to have compassion and mercy toward all living things. How does a vegan diet help Christians and lovers of Jesus to align with these principles? What are the consequences of diet on our health, animal and human suffering and the planet? Join us for an enlightening conversation exploring the connections between spiritual life and the food we eat with Dr. Stephen Kaufman, Chair of the Christian Vegetarian Association and co-author of Good News for All Creation: Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship.