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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Millennial Impact Report 2012 and boosting engagement – 07/23/12

On this week’s show, my guest and I discuss a new point of view about fundraising and cultivation to encourage more contributions. Recently, I replayed an interview I did with Martha Taylor of the University of Wisconsin Foundation about unique ways to cultivate women donors. This week, we look at Millennials, the active and passionate men and women between 20 and 35 and the myriad ways they engage with nonprofits.

My guest this week is Derrick Feldmann is CEO of Achieve. It’s a fundraising agency that creates campaigns that nonprofits use to attract attention and secure financial support from all audiences, especially Millennials. Achieve partnered with Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates, a company that works with philanthropic organizations, to conduct their third study Millennial involvement with nonprofits. They released the Millennial Impact Report 2012 just a few weeks ago.

While it’s easy to write off people in this age group as potential donors. my guest this week says, ‘Take another look.” Some 64% if Millennials volunteered for a nonprofit and 75% said they gave a financial gift in 2011.

This is an interesting interview with a Millennial about Millennials, and he challenges us to reconsider how nonprofits define giving, volunteering, and involvement so as to be open to the tremendous contributions this generation has to offer. It’s all about authentic communication.

In the interview, Feldmann refers to a YouTube video of a presentation by Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook. She describes the new wave of expectations more and more people have – not just Millennials – for authentic connections with nonprofits. Here’s the link to the video, Social by Design.