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Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Women Leading the Change

This inspiring discussion with journalist activist Dorka Keene reveals how women are playing pivotal roles in social change and the environmental movement, and how community is key to joining the eco evolution. Active for years working toempower women in politics and business, Keene recently authored Eco Amazons: Twenty Women Who Are Changing the World. The conversation includes the stories of several of these bioneers: Judy Bonds who challenged and defeated the coal industry in defenseof her community’s health; landscape artist Agnes Denes who has brought people in touch with the natural world through her art; Janine Benyus, who is teaching scientists and engineers how to access nature’s technology designs using biomimicry; media producer Annie Leonard, whose Story of Stuff internet video has catalyzed a consumer revolutionand inspired corporations to build sustainability into their manufacturing andsupply chains – and Alice Waters, who eco-healthy cuisine started the movement for locally produced, organic food that has catalyzed changes in food systems worldwide. The discussion also takes a close look at how women decision-makers are needed to create balanced governance and a socially responsible civic society.