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Parenting With Playdate Planet

Meryl Neiman

Parenting With Playdate Planet – Let’s Hear It From The Dads!

On this week’s show, I talk with dad bloggers, Adam Dolgin, Kevin McKeever, and Lance Somerfeld about the changing role of fathers. Modern dads are not only more involved than our fathers were, but many (like my guests) are passionately invested in thinking about, talking about, and writing about, the importance of being a father. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about everything from bra shopping from a dad’s perspective to why moms should encourage dads to dive in as parents and make mistakes. It’s a funny and informative look at the new face of fatherhood.

I won’t be blogging this week, but I encourage you to read more about my guests and follow their blogs by clicking on their names above. I also encourage you to visit, the thoughtful writings of dad blogger, Fred Goodall, about his life as a father and his desire to counter the negative stereotypes about black fatherhood. Fred joined us for the first, albeit unsuccessful, taping of this show, but was unable to make it on the rescheduled date.