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Jim Duke

Guide for Gay Living – Kergan Edwards-Stout: Evolution of a Gay Life

By his own admission, Kergan Edwards-Stout began his young adult life with some pretty shallow ideals — look good, hangout with the right crowd, appearances count. Actor-handsome and self-possessed, he epitomized the notion that who you were on the outside trumped who you were on the inside. But then his world shifted as HIV arrived on the scene, and Kergan met, fell in love with and lost his partner Shane Sawick to the disease. The life-changing experience became the basis for his award-winning novel, “Songs For The New Depression.” Kergan’s story is one of how life unfolds before us and the universe has a way of providing us with the lessons we need to grow. Join your host, Jim Duke, in his conversation with author and Huffington Post blogger Kergan Edwards-Stout on the evolution of a gay life.