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Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP

Wholehearted Parenting – Postpartum Depression is More Than Just the Baby Blues

Postpartum depression affects approximately 10-20% of all mothers, and the incidence may even be higher due to the fact that it often goes unreported and undiagnosed.

Please join my conversation with Holly Fisher, a Mom who unknowingly suffered for months with postpartum depression. Although she knew that “something was just not right”, Holly did not know where to turn. Having a baby was supposed to be the most wonderful and exciting experience…right?

Well, often Moms are are afraid to express their feelings. They may feel inadequate as a Mom, or have associated feelings of guilt, especially if they aren’t feeling the love for their baby that they thought they’d have. Moms, please know that you’re not alone and that there is help waiting for you!

Listen now as Holly and I explore…

• Feelings that Moms experience when it’s just the “baby blues”
• How to detect the difference between the normal ups and downs of being a new Mom vs. postpartum depression.
• The symptoms of postpartum depression and the treatment
• Resources for mothers experiencing PPD

Holly is also the board president for Postpartum Support Charleston, an organization dedicated to educating and supporting mothers and their families, the medical community and the general public about the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression, available treatment options and community resources.

I hope you’ll join us!