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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Sacred Journey of the Heart with Ronna Prince

Writer, intuitive counselor, coach and producer Ronna Prince discusses her new movie Sacred Journey of the Heart which is about the science and spirit of our connections. She formed the Global Wholeness Corporation, in 2009, to support her vision of creating a whole and healed earth upon which human beings can find deeper connection, harmony and peace.

Ronna’s own journey of transformation began at 13 years old, when an inner message brought her comfort and guidance after she had suffered years of childhood abuse. She discusses the “before and after” of her own heart-based journey, including how she feels about herself and her life now.

Ronna shares some of the reasons why the heart is the most single powerful organ of our body. For example, in the film, best-selling author and scientist Gregg Braden discusses the electro-magnetic spike measured on earth at the time of the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The film thus demonstrates the effect our ability to connect with our heart has an impact upon not just those around us but the entire earth.

Many of the people working on the film experienced their own personal transformations during the process of creating Sacred Journey of the Heart. Ronna shares one of the practices we can use to create change on personal and planetary levels by learning to live fully in the heart. To watch a trailer of the film, please visit For more information, please visit: Guest’s website: