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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu for Great Health – Let Food be Your Medicine

How many times have you looked for help with a health issue and been told to go buy a medication of some sort? You stare at the label, cringing at the list of possible side effects, not to mention the price tag. What if issues such as digestion and bone health could be supported by the foods we eat on a daily basis? Would you be ready to stop relying on over the counter treatments that only mask symptoms?

Food has been used as medicine to address the cause of health problems as far back as ancient Greece. Since we need to eat everyday, why not include foods that have powerful benefits for great health? From Avocados to Spinach, there are foods that will support specific health issues and help you stay away from expensive medications.

This week we talk with Kathy Gruver PhD., author of “The Alternative Medicine Cabinet”. Kathy’s advice has appeared in numerous publications such as Glamour, WebMD, Prevention, Men’s Health, and Ladies Home Journal. She has helped 1000’s of people improve their health naturally by presenting educational lectures around the country.

Tune in to hear about delicious foods you can use to keep the doctor away. As always, you’ll hear specific food choices and recipes for cooking easy, healthy dishes. For more healthy eating ideas visit Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.