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Rock Splitting Politics – Democrats in the Senate Report on the CIA Interrogations

Join Doc Holliday as he uses clips from the White House and the former vice president of the United States, Dick Chaney, to explore the report from the U.S. Senate Intelligence report.  Did these democrats who released the report put our soldiers at risk?  Do the Democrats have a responsibility in the middle of the war on terror to protect our troops and our citizens?  Click on this week’s show to find out what Doc Holliday has to say about the Democrat’s release of the U.S. Senate’s Intelligence Committee’s report.  This week Doc Holliday also shares what he has learned from Dr. Alveda King as she has just returned from Ferguson, Missouri.  And Doc details the politics of the lame duck session of Congress and its approach to funding our government for now.  There is much to learn and much to contemplate during this Christmas season so click on the show (Doc puts in a couple of musical clips for fun) and don;t forget to visit our Facebook page for more stories during the week!