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Sex and Happiness – Belly Birthing, Activating the Sacred Family through Sensual Parenting

Mariana and Sean Riley, creators of Belly Birthing, Activating the Sacred Family through Sensual Parenting, and The Riley Rainbow Family Circus join Laurie to share their creations. Mariana, a belly dancer discovered while giving birth to the first of their four children that when she moved instinctively and danced during birth that she could stay fully present rather than push push push trying to get the baby to come out! She and Sean developed a whole new birthing concept based on the intimacy they felt when she payed attention to her communication with the fetus in each of her deliveries.

Later in the show they go on to describe their family living, how the children are included in all intimacy and how they all go on the road together to perform in their family circus, each one bringing his/her own talent. Old school tradition and new paradigm for living joined together in this very juicy couple.