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The Janet Love Show – Outsmarting OverEating with Karen Koenig

Outsmarting Eating author Karen Koenig shares her prolific views on conscious eating in this uniquely titled book. Outsmarting Eating reveals a new way to look at our relationship with food and to food. So many people still looking for new diet fads to alleviate bad eating habits. Our relationship with food has become stifled through our obsessive cultural focus on weight loss instead of health.

Karen points to a genuine step by step conversion of veiled inner unknowings to reveal a genuine means to transform our lifestyle into one of that allows food its proper place within it. I can attest to the books delightful approach with no judgement or shame but rather a fulfilling means to accomplishing what for some people has been a lifetime of binging, purging and restricting. Karen offers a freedom of foods natural joy to fill the life of anyone who dares embrace their unconscious unknowns revealing their inner truth. Some people are desperately trying to live a life free to explore the vast realms that food freedom brings to us when freed of the cultures obsessions. I highly recommend the show and the book to anyone desiring to understand themselves, their relationship with and to food and willing to explore!


Karen is social worker and psychotherapist. She is author of several books including “Starting Monday”. Karen will appear again on The Janet Love Show to talk about Starting Monday so stay tuned!