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Sarah Westall

Business Game Changers – Wall Street Journal’s Top Selling Productivity Book: “The 5 Choices” from Franklin Covey

Kory Kogon, the Author of “The 5 Choices”, joins us to discuss her top selling book and Franklin Covey’s new productivity program based on her book. As the world moves to a knowledge based workforce, the old methods for improving efficiency doesn’t work very well. Knowledge workers need a different framework for becoming more productive. Kory explains the new program and how it is different from the past.

Kory Kogon is Franklin Covey’s top leader in their productivity practice. You can see more about their programs at

Jo Miller, expert leadership coach, joins us again to provide useful leadership tips. We discuss the transition from doing to leading from both a worker and management perspective. Her insights are valuable to all professional levels in your business.

Jo’s coaching system has been used by thousands of executives and employees to become more effective workers and leaders.

You can learn more about Jo Miller at