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Julie Stiles

Being Well – Responding Well to Stress

Are you living in a constant state of low-grade stress? Dealing with all aspects of your life and the world can feel like a constant bombardment of stimuli, and most people add to the outside stressors by their perception of events. Stress impacts not only physical health, but also our emotional well-being and enjoyment of living. How can we change our response to stress so that we are able to respond instead of react?

Dr. Kathy Gruver, author of Conquer Your Stress With Mind-Body Techniques joins the show to discuss how to tell when you are in a state of stress, honor your individual needs when it comes to what is stressful, and the role of the mind both in creating stress and in being able to relieve it. Learn specific techniques, including mini-meditations, that help you be present and create a pause between the stimulus and your habitual reaction, allowing you to be present and consciously choose how you would like to respond in the moment.

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