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Books On Air – We Danced! by Lin Sons

WE DANCED! A Devotional Filled with Excerpts from the Dance of a Real Fairytale Romance by Lin Sons

Marriage is like dancing. To learn to dance, you follow the steps on a paper chart, placing each foot in the footsteps on the floor following the pattern-but it takes lots of practice to dance fluidly with great finesse.

Often when we marry, we believe we are in love and marriage can’t get any better. However, there will be times where we swing and our partner sways. There are going to be times when both partners are fighting to lead. At other times, we melt together and everything is totally in harmony and synchronized. Is it possible to keep that synchronization forever? In We Danced, author Lin Sons presents a story-like couples devotional using her 40-year marriage intertwined with the theme of dance. The book offers life lessons applicable to any couple. Each life lesson is followed by a dance tip designed to bring couples finesse in their dance of marriage. The message in We Danced is clear: the marriage dance takes lots of practice. By invitation, the Lord provides the strength, joy and finesse.