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Sheryl Glick


Welcome to “Healing From Within.” I am your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories of spiritual awakenings Universal Laws of Energy for healing and multi-dimensional awareness and for realizing our soul potential in the physical world. I am delighted to welcome Julie JD Cross author of Prophecies in the Light of Christ who shares her gift of communication with Spirit and prophecies that may help us prepare for the challenges ahead.
As listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware Sheryl and her guests look within for answers to age old questions, “Who are we?” and “What is life all about?” so we may come to know life on a multidimensional basis and allow for evolution, healing and love to move us forward, enhancing life in all its many dimensions and possibilities. We are as many know much more than our physical body and reality.
In today’s show Julie shares how in the face of impending hardships and world tragedies it is essential to lean on Spirit and allow guidance to direct us in all decisions so we may emerge victorious and spread a voice of hope. JD Cross holds a master’s degree in business administration and has a certification of ordination in ministry. With a history rooted in service, Cross has taught circles of meditation, energy healing, and one-on-one counseling. She has visited hospitals to provide energy healing and intuitive counseling. Through her work alongside a community college in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Cross was able to obtain accreditation for establishment of the first meditation classes for continuing education.
Cross began receiving spiritual messages at an early age. These experiences inspired her books Spoken Words: Minister’s Handbook and Soul Travel in Heaven: The Day I Died.
When asked to think back to her childhood and remember a person place or event that was most reflective of the hopes and goals she might have for adult life Julie told an interesting remembrance. Julie remembered being in Spirit with one of her guides Moses who was showing her some of the events that would happen when she incarnated into this present life. Sheryl tells Julie that could well be part of the same soul group as when she was learning Reiki energy healing her teacher told her she saw Moses standing behind Sheryl and he said that she was like him…she didn’t think she would be able to do what Spirit needed her to do but like Moses would have the help and guidance to fulfill her life’s work. Self-doubt is indeed an emotion that needs to be conquered in order to live out the life Spirit has helped us design for our soul’s growth and the evolution of human development.
A theme that Julie expresses joyfully and enthusiastically is that God is indeed alive. Of course the Universal Energy or force of creation is always at work within each of us and within the Universe as creation like life is an eternal force.
Julie goes on to talk about the messages she received and recorded in 2015 2016 and into 2017. Spirit warns of events in government world and the United States, events of nature, and the plans of war that are in the making to occur in 2017 and beyond. These predictions seem probable to many even those who are not mediums or psychics. Julie also says prophesies are only an awareness of what could be if no changes in the thinking and action of our society are not taken. She mentions that at this time in history there is corruption greed and war. The world is as in the days of Rome and Egypt and as the past present and future are all happening simultaneously there is nothing new only repeated errors of past times.
Julie says that Rome is represented today by the United Nations who for the last seventy years has been moving towards a concept of one world government of which many, in the United States and member countries in Europe and the world are part of. This is being achieved by immigration shifts and a loss of national identity or historical principles. However, the world now has factions fighting for control of its people and resources. Russia and China verses the UN. God has a plan and will not allow man to destroy his creation. We will find in the prophesies earth changes and war that will become a struggle for humanity in the next few years and at the end of it those left will be entering a “New Beginning.”
Here is an excerpt from what Julie considers an important message…”Dearest one, in soul I come to you in the Christ, the Lord Jesus. In these months ahead throughout the New Year, the entire year of 2017 great change will occur. I must say, go to the New Testament the signs were prophesied for the coming of the Lord. God will hold his hand out over the creations in earth. The reverse has already begun. Nature is the sign. The messages tell many things but the main objective of God in giving these messages is not only to warn His children but also to bring them back to Him.”
“Let’s get back to the United Nations..It is in essence a demonic force controlling nations to include the United States. It has been in control for over 70 years controlling most of our presidents and elite members of our Congress and Senate along with many elite military and spy leaders. Russia and China are also negative forces wanting world domination. Russia along with its supporters China Japan Germany and the Middle East and certain leaders and other small allies want to take control of the world and don’t want to be forced to take refugees into their countries because of the threat of terrorism. The UN has mandated that anyone under their control is to be forced to allow Middle Eastern people into their countries without being vetted or checked….OPEN BORDERS Russia and China have refused this mandate and President Trump is trying hard to rebel against this threat.
Sheryl tells Julie that during the 2016 campaign she was so upset by the language and policies of the last administration and the damaging effects that Spiritually a Clinton Presidency would ensure. As a medium in meditation Sheryl was given information that suggested that Donald Trump was spiritually guided and destined to win the election, even thought the rhetoric and polls showed something else. In the January before the November election she started to tell people who asked her who she thought would win and she responded that Donald Trump would win. Many were annoyed or angry by her saying this. She went on to tell them, ”Not only will he win but he is the force for correcting and bringing attention to many of the imbalances and corrupt actions for the last 40 years or more. Julie expresses similar thoughts throughout your book and writes, “President Trump doesn’t appear to be under the influence of God, he is God-minded which is for the greater good of all, and he was chosen for the task of bringing godly ways of peace strength and truth back into America and ultimately into the world.
Sheryl says to Julie that in her new book New Life Awaits Creating Our Best Afterlife by Living Consciously the epilogue which includes a message channeled from President George Washington to her, he reveals exactly that. “We must walk with the ancestors and values that were imparted to us by the founding fathers who created with the help of Spirit, the blueprint for human and divine freedom a government and constitution to live in God’s highest values.” Listeners may go to Sheryl’s website to read the message from George Washington and Spirit’s endorsement of President Donald Trump.
Julie gives other major predictions, not warnings, but probabilities, in light of what has transpired worldwide.
1. The worldwide stock exchange, the Global Exchange will crash and bring down other markets around the world in a domino effect and there will be a housing market crash.
2. The stock market in the US would be reset in February 2017 and it wasn’t given which country would fall first.
3. Earth changes has begun for several years now and would result in a Polar Shift that would cause earthquakes tsunamis and more in 2017 and beyond…Hurricanes in Texas Florida Puerto Rico and so on…..
4. We were told that Trump would win the presidential election by electoral vote. Rioting and problems would occur ove the election similar to Vietnam War protests. The election would be challenged but it would not make any difference with the results of the election. Trump will win.
5. The world is on the verge of war. March 15, 2017 is a significant date.
6. California will request and be allowed to become separate from the US They will ally themselves with Asia and the Middle East and will have a different flag. Their people will be heavily taxed.
7. An attempt will be made on president elect Trump. It will fail
We discuss polar changes and climate change and how this will affect a restoration of the earth.
Julie writes, “Yes in climate with an increase over these winter months and all attributed to the shifting of both poles, north and south. There will also be a shift in the Equator and several of the earth’s plates will crack almost in its separation, but a shaft pole will hold it together. This rebirthing will be how nature restores itself but for human kind it can and will be catastrophic on islands and coastal waters. Oceans will show new land to rise due to this…reminds us that the parting of the Red Sea was a reality.”
Julie writes that Obama was interfering in Trump’s inauguration and stepped beyond his boundaries and there is much turbulence in the waters with Obama and what he wants and he is planning to continue with his efforts to undermine the Trump agenda and presidency and fight for his failed policies and legacy after he leaves office. We have seen continued evidence of this fact as he followed President Trump in his overseas trips to reestablish a new leadership for the United States. Obama has during his Presidency advocated activism embraced Black Lives Matter and this created a divide in the United States between the races.
Sheryl says We can see that what he did with Israel in the months before leaving government and his efforts to pass the Iranian deal which is now being exposed as harmful to the United States along with his efforts to undermine our military and police forces by overregulation and the stagnation of the economy which through deregulation of his signed executive orders are now being corrected and changed. Obama’s seemingly socialist policies and the tremendous national debt of 10 trillion dollars more than all past presidents was damaging and irresponsible. Scandals in the Obama administration and Clinton scandals are now at the end of 2017 being revealed reviewed and will bring changes to prevent these oversights in the FBI and Department of Justice and at all levels of the judiciary systems.
Julie goes on to say there will be war and God is going to allow earth changes through weather, volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, disease and more to defeat these demonic entities that want dictatorship. God is using America to bring peace on earth once again after the United States performs a thorough house cleaning. The United Nations is the spiritual Rome spoken of in the bible and controls nations through greed and power as Rome once did. There are also powerful world nations such as the Middle East, Russia, China and their allies who want world domination as well.
In the book you write. ”Mark the ides of March 2017 for an outbreak among them…Loyalty does not reign and is in need between all of them especially Russia Germany and China….Israel will be under attack by Iraqui rebels before the New Year. Rebels set many fires in Israel in November…” Sheryl says After President Trump just declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel that’s exactly what I saw on the news.
Julie mentions the UK is standing firm, but needs to be strengthened by the US. If that is not done they could align with the Middle East. Jerusalem needs the US and the UK Holland Germany Belgium and Spain’s United Nations is not standing strong in unity of their contracts in business with one another. There will be an outbreak of disease in Africa whose country is filled with rebels. It is a militant group that plays along with the Middle East and Russia Japan and China. Japan pretends to be against China but are allies with China. I am sad to hear you say that Japan is working behind the scenes to strengthen its government not in union with the US. Japan is aligned with China and will later illegally trade with North Korea. It’s capital markets are not strong and needs allies to support its structure. Its been in pretense for the past couple of years. The US has been a financial backer in its trade in the UN.
Julie also tells us that the weather, and climate control is not in control of man. It is God that prevails. The shift has begun. Climate changes throughout the world. These changes will give cause to volcanic eruptions from within the earth, throughout the United States and around the world. The islands will have destructions that will kill millions of people and destroy the land. Hurricanes will become stronger and create more destruction. The oceans will rumble creating tsunamis. Why? Earth is crying from mankind’s technology and from the depletion of its natural resources. My child all destruction is brought about from mankind’s creation far more. There is balance in the Spirit of love with God. I see that time has changed, not in turning to God within.
In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have discussed the catastrophic changes of 2017 as witnessed in the US and beyond and can only realize our own desires to create as much stability and improvement to the continued world dissolution of governments and nations through war climate change immigration issues weakened economic condition feminine drought disease and encourage an ever growing group of scientific and spiritual seekers for solutions and for fairness and justice to reign in the world. We may not be able to prevent many events destined to happen, but we may be able to change attitudes and instill new awareness of our higher energetic or soul nature so we can respond with more humanity and love for ourselves and our world.
As Julie downloaded from Spirit, “Worry not of what has been in your past journey for you have come through these experiences with thy Lord in your heart. The lessons were learned well. You too must forgive yourself as thy Lord has forgiven you. You are now doing the work of thy Father God in serving His will. Take pride and joy in the Heavens and his Hierarchy opening their hearts to all that you are doing. I have walked but a similar path as you, and I have felt so humble to thy Father God. Know that worthiness comes from the heart of the soul, not experiences learned. The lesson is to overcome the flesh, its needs and wants, and desires….Be at one with all of God’s creation.”
JD and I would have you begin to work towards accepting allowing and surrendering to your own life plan while appreciating that others need to do the same. This does not separate us but brings us together in finding the values and conditions that will work for common goals of human dignity and well being. Be your best when you find peace within and accept all conditions as necessary for moving forward to finding the truth of Eternal Oneness.Today’s Guest