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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author
of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakening,
intuition, spiritual communication, healing on multi-dimensional levels,
and ways to find your soul life welcomes Cindy Mazzaferro author of
Powerful Beyond Measure who shares her experiences as a physical
therapist and intuitive energy healer interested in raising awareness of
multi-dimensional healing through understanding connections between
emotional spiritual and physical conditions.

Sheryl and her guests share intimate experiences and a recognition that
indeed, we are more than the physical body and that Life offers us
opportunities to view or observe the obvious so we may discover our
inner Being our intuition and soul purpose and move beyond limited or
childhood patterns to a more open minded and clearer view of the
Universal Laws of Energy know how they affect our everyday lives and
live in accordance with higher values and success.

Cindy shares her ideas on “The Power Within” and how to harness it for a
more joyful purposeful life journey. We will see how the past affects us
and how we may come to change attitudes and long held beliefs that limit
us from reaching our true potential and to do more than simply survive.
We will talk about the concepts of duality in reference to failure or
success and learn more about Soul life.

In talking about her earlier life and the absence of her father who left
her mother and her five sisters we find that each of us perceives early
events and challenges in our own unique way and deal with the upset for
many years to come. It wasn’t till her husband Tom and Cindy were having
marital difficulties that she reflected on her childhood and realized
that the fears of abandonment influenced her most loving and intimate
relationship her marriage and she came to address the issues she had
carried from childhood and the idea that she felt she was somehow to
blame. Dealing with these issues opened her up to letting go of the pain
and finally discovering it was never her doing, but was her father’s
personal problem. With forgiveness there is healing and great personal

Being in the field Cindy has met many talented psychic mediums and
healers and people interested in meta-physics quantum psychics near
death experiences and other worldly events as has Sheryl. Cindy mentions
a story with James Van Prague a medium who wrote Talking to Heaven who
Sheryl met years ago at an event with one of her mentors International
Medium Robert Brown from England. After Cindy’s stepfather Bill passed
Cindy got tickets to an event with James who in a packed audience gave
messages to Cindy that provided facts about Bill’s life and the fact
that now in Spirit he was able to walk and see again as he had been
crippled in his physical life. He also told Cindy a message that allowed
her to let go of past hurt heal and finally let go of pain. The message
was that Cindy was perfect as she was and didn’t have to please
everyone. To fulfill her destiny at this time in her life she was to
work with healing and write a book to help others. Sheryl goes on to
tell Cindy she had a similar experience when she met Reverend John White
from Lily Dale, a spiritual community near Buffalo New York who told her
that she had three books to write and while Sheryl wasn’t sure of that
when he said that, within three years she delivered her first book, Life
Is No Coincidence- The Life and Afterlife Connection to him just as he
had predicted. Spirit sends us the helpers and messenger who assist us
in fulfilling our life plan and destiny. At this stage, Sheryl can only
smile with gratitude and offer words of courage forgiveness and love to
those who still have not found the truth of human/spiritual nature. We
as spiritual eternal beings of both light and shadow energies can find
our way pass all life challenges with faith.

Some powerful lessons that we can see from this story are that our
deceased loved ones when they visit us which is known as a spiritual
visitation, either in a dream or for mediums in meditation are
completely healthy. We can know what’s going on with them in their life
beyond here and they can give support guidance. Some let us know they
are with deceased animals in the same dimension. The words spoken can
also be understood to come from our spiritual creator or guides angels
or other source of Life.

Cindy writes “My life is only a mere extension of my life’s purpose.”

Sheryl loves this: Maybe our life purpose is simply to be and exist for
a time in a physical reality in order to refine our soul and spirit for
higher compassion and love .

Cindy also wrote, “Tell me one thing that you were unable to survive. If
you’re here, then you’re alive and there is nothing you haven’t been
able to endure. You may have regrets or wish things turned out
differently but somehow you found a way to get through them.”

One of the main concepts of Powerful Beyond Measure is the inescapable
truth: In order to stand fully in the light we must come to peace with
our own darkness. Our darkness does not come from outside ourselves: it
is only and ever self-created. When we explore this reality with fear or
shame and unravel the mysterious paths we originally lost our way from
before our birth to now—we finally reveal the power and light that was
buried within us all along.

Cindy goes on to share that we have a conscious mind, subconscious mind,
and unconscious mind. All serve different purposes for exploring the
physical and energy dimensions of life. While often not aware of
subconscious mind it takes in enormous amounts of information that can
be retrieved when needed.

MENTAL RECALL according to Dr. Bruce Lipton in the Biology of Belief
says the subconscious mind works 500 times faster than the conscious
mind which only focuses on present moment. Our subconscious REPRESSED
memories including feelings thoughts urges and emotions integrated with
current day situations affect our actions, behaviors, feelings, and how
we react or respond. The unconscious mind is the part not known by the
conscious mind Cindy says eighty percent of thoughts each day are
negative…Sheryl actually was kind in always saying to her clients that
fifty percent were negative and the choice to engage or disengage with
these thoughts is a personal choice. Also ninety five percent of our
behavior is ruled by our unconscious mind which works with energy of
various dimensions: our higher self if you will. The unconscious mind
can be accessed by hypnosis dreams and various energy techniques.

As powerful soul entities that may chose a physical life to refine their
spiritual energy and learn more about themselves in relationship to
others, Nature and God, sometimes this Personal Power within can be lost
or damaged and we can be stopped from feeling powerful. Cindy wrote “We
all search for something money, relationships purpose health peace
success…the list is endless. At the core of these goals is the desire to
attain an optimal feeling state.. that deep sense of unconditional love,
happiness and meaning. Most of us see this optimal feeling as different
or “better” than where we are already. We wonder if what we long for is
actually attainable or how we’ll ever be able to create the life we
truly desire. We wait for life to change feeling powerless. We pray for
someone to save us from our suffering. But the power to create this
change is already part of our soul’s nature. We need only delve deep
enough and open ourselves wide enough to access the limitless reservoir
of power that resides within.”

Sheryl shares with Cindy in answer to the question, What stops us from
knowing our powerful self or soul presence? in her book The Living
Spirit she addressed it this way and wrote, “Negativity in any form
creates a lower vibration that hinders any chance for evolution. At the
same time it is understood that there will always be people who choose
to hide from their problems whether out of fear, ignorance, or simply
not knowing an alternative way. Perhaps they feel the darkness around
them because others have acted towards them inappropriately and
harmfully. They may believe that keeping secrets and avoiding change
will shield them from issues they cannot face at the present time. In
actuality, only going towards the light and full truth can bring peace
harmony balance and the end of suffering. As we cannot change the way
anyone thinks or acts, even those we love the most, we can change our
way of interacting with them. And this is an important discovery for
each of us regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status.”

Our past affects us today in many profound and often unexplored ways.
Our youngest years have profound implication for our emotional health as
our brains have not matured enough to draw accurate inferences to the
stimuli or events. We create defense mechanisms in a response to deal
with the pain. Cindy clarifies many of the childhood wounds we suffered.

Some childhood wounds are:
Feeling unloved leads to relationship intimacy problems
Feeling devalued disrespected persecuted and victimized leads to Overly
sensitive unable to express emotions.
Lack of health/illness leads to Demanding and unable to Forgive
Abandonment/loneliness leads to Inability to Trust self and others
Depression leads to shame Self-hate and Self-harm
Anger/Resentment leads to Irresponsible Behavior Unsafe Lifestyle
Frustration leads to Identity Crisis/gender conflict
Hopelessness/Despair Desires Goals Unattainable leads to Perfectionism

We must tear down the protective walls that are erected to avoid the
pain we fear to experience, and the subconscious and unconscious mind
serves our foundation holding past experiences, positive and negative,
that guide our present day thoughts and actions, our beliefs, and our
chances for achieving our best version of ourselves. This is done by
projecting the proper values and mindset into all we chose to explore
and to participate with good intentions which leads to better results.
Cindy gives the story of Lou Ann a very loving child who wished to touch
and be touched which is indicative of a healing soul presence. She loved
to touch a pebble feather or another person. She loved to hold hands but
during her youth her family was not receptive to her attempts to reach
out. She felt unloved and thought something was wrong with her. Her
defensiveness resulted in isolation loneliness unworthiness and feeling
disconnected. Her learned behavior denied her greatest joy ….the gift of
touch and connection and was in opposition to her spiritual gift. With
time and help from people who understood what had happened she blossomed
and became a massage therapist as was her divine soul’s destiny.

Cindy shares her thoughts on the mind and energy. “Your mind is very
powerful and has not limitations except the ones you superimpose upon
it. It is governed by energy…”Energy is always moving and interactive.
It rarely becomes static. When it becomes stagnant it can create an
unhealthy environment where you feel depressed, drained, exhausted ill.
Energy can be affected by many external factors like…toxins chemical
radiation diet pesticide steroids medicines and sugar as well as
personal interactions with others. Energy can also be impacted by our
thoughts unconscious beliefs emotions and expectations. Energy can
become stuck trapped inflamed over-active irritated or oversensitive. It
can also be manipulated transformed expanded contracted by what you are
thinking feeling and experiencing ..In other words we are energy: it is
around, and within us, and working with energy is the way for the most
productive life journey.”

The quote by Albert Einstein expresses it well…”Everything in life is
vibration..” Yes every event action thought feeling spoken word and
touch is composed of energetic vibration. Lower responses and emotions
function as grief anger dysfunction pain illness and hamper our ability
to enjoy life. Higher vibrational words and actions create better
results as the Law of Attraction suggests, “What you give out into the
world comes back to you…”Example. When you get in your car if you are
angry and agitated you are likely to have an accident. Calm and positive
feelings will have a better chance of getting you to your destination

We might ask why do we tend to make the same mistakes again and again?
We tend to make the same mistakes over again because we are not paying
attention and are not taking responsibility or accepting our own part in
why things are happening the way they are. It is easier to blame outside
circumstance rather than self-investigate one’s behavior and act from
the heart of soul perspective. The Conscious mind or ego- based reality
has many beliefs, opinions, and falsehoods that hamper our true nature
to rest in happiness and good will. We are allowing the expectations of
family, business, friends, to determine what is right or wrong and often
as a result our own needs are neglected. We have not totally begun to
understand the nature of life death perhaps, and have so much FEAR that
we cannot believe we have choices and opportunities. In other words many
of us have been brain- washed, brain- manipulated and have lost the
courage of our souls.

Our physical symptoms represent our limitations or the difficulties we
are experiencing, Not all physical symptoms have physical origin Eastern
medicine as opposed Western allopathic medicine works fully with this
thought process. Headaches stomach pain etc can be results of anger fear
or any of the “Dis” words. Our emotional spiritual karmic and
environmental challenges all add to the difficulties we or our children
are experiencing. A deeper look within and a focus on positive self
values definitely prevent or heal most inner distress discomfort or

Sheryl agrees with Cindy and suggests that not all physical symptoms
have physical origins. The physical body reflects the mind’s thoughts
fears and values and disease often takes time before it presents in the
physical realm. They say we are what we eat, but we are also what we
think and value. So our thoughts are very powerful and if you think you
are going to catch someone’s cold or illness, die from cancer, or end up
broke, chances are the Universe will provide your greatest fears just as
they often provide your best wishes when you are in alignment with your
life plan and destiny. Positive thinking and action are always the best

The difference between ourselves and our Soul and how we gain that inner
wisdom depends on our willingness to “Ask” for help and think a bit
outside the box.

Sheryl says…Our soul or our energetic body is what leaves this physical
life to return, transcend physical life, and exist in an energetic field
of life. There is therefore no death and our soul is in this earthly
life to gather experiences refine emotions and thinking to more
compassionate levels of awareness and consciousness. Our soul is unique
divine and of a kind to be exact and yet connected to all

The Formula for Failure and Success that Cindy suggests may be different
from others and could create long lasting results. When you understand
“We are all one-mere reflection of one another therefore what you see in
me, I see in you. If one sees courage it’s their own courage they see.
This is a wise and truthful way to move past blame judgment and regret
and truly be free of those negative emotions. The formula for success is
to overcome the Dis-cycle of Self: Dis satisfaction, disease, and dis
(dys) function. All words starting with “dis” contributes to your
dysfunctional self. Words like: disinterest, dismal disorder, disgrace,
discriminate, dismiss, disrespect, distress disturbance, distrust,
dissatisfaction disease destroy and eventually lead to a feeling of
un-ease or disease within and can lead to physical illness.

The hardest question we may ask ourselves and the hardest thing to do
may be to ask, “What do you want in Life?”Most people we believe want
companionship, interaction to belong and feel happy. This can only be
achieved when we lower our walls of protection, conquer the fears of our
childhood traumas or perceptions, real or not, and self-reflect upon
what is good and actually working to bring us peace harmony balance and
joy. A powerful transformative 3 Step Process begins with I Choose To
Become and begins when you stop negative mind chatter, and
self-defeating thoughts from being triggered. The hardest thing you will
ever have to do is to recognize and master your emotions.

Understand the formula:
Em (Emotion)= m (motion:action/behavior/understanding Event
More intense emotions compared to event, the more significant the Motion
or action will be.

Healthy Range Emotion:
Where is emotion coming from? Past Present Future
What is causing me to react/respond emotionally this way?
Is this emotion protecting or limiting me in some way
Cindy would like readers to take away with them after reading Powerful
Beyond Measure a clearer vision of who they are as eternal souls having
a physical life for the purpose to overcome fear and limitation and to
manifest and refine their most compassionate loving ways to reach a
higher state of consciousness and connection to Spirit: Universal Source
the Divine or God. Develop courage soul courage to overcome fear and
know that courage is the mental or moral strength to stand up to your
fears or difficulties when you resist the unpleasant, emotional feeling
fear creates, and take action to create what you truly need and desire.

Sheryl reminds Cindy of the wonderful story she told in the book that
actually reflects an important way to bolster all fine thoughts and to
find the best version of our being. It is the Cherokee Tale of Two
Wolves….Two wolves live inside each of us..One is the evil wolf…anger
envy jealousy sorrow regret greed arrogance self-pit guilt resentment
inferiority false pride EGO.. The second wolf is good joy peace love
hope serenity humility kindness empathy generosity truth faith…Which
wolf wins??? The One you feed…In other words what you give attention and
energy to in thought and behavior is what you create. Dismiss negative
action and thought and embrace good will and honesty and love…that is
how you feed your soul

In summarizing today’s episodes of “Healing From Within” it becomes
clearer for us to remember that many of the issues and perceptions of
childhood that hinder our personal growth and path to happiness health
and prosperity may simply be thoughts or beliefs given to us by others,
and may not represent our own values desires or life destiny. We are
empowered through a divine energy that connects us to the universal
creative force of life and which encourages us to develop greater
compassion and love for ourselves and others as we choose to walk in a
state of peace harmony and balance, calling to ourselves finer thoughts,
and acting in ways that protect and enhance us, our world communities,
and improve the human condition. It is your choice to embrace fair
minded thinking cooperative action and merge the best of our spiritual
energy with physical life for overcoming challenges and creating
opportunities to shine this inner powerful loving light into the world.

Cindy and I would ask you to think a little out of the box- meaning not
be absorbed in past thinking or a group mindset. Focus on what makes
your heart and energy sing while exploring the passion of life in small
and even grander ways as it begins to unfold anew. The only thing
holding you back are your own fears. Surrender them and bring in new
ideas and the future will most undoubtedly improve.

Today’s Guest