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Philip Comella

Reconnecting to the Source

The Source with a capital S is a neutral, “new age” term referring to the ground of Being. But it has a richer meaning than the Big Bang of modern cosmology or Darwin’s primordial swamp out of which life supposedly arose. This Source organizes life, gives it coherence, and injects it with meaning.   If all things came from the Source, then it would seem helpful if we “went home” and reconnected with it.  In fact, this might be the source of what we know as a religious experience.  In his forthcoming book, Reconnecting to the Source: The New Science of Spiritual Experience, How it Can Change You, and How it Can Transform the World, Ervin Laszlo, twice-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, author of 90 books, and a pioneer of the “new age,” presents the case for why we must move to a new paradigm the goes beyond science’s current confining materialistic perspective.  In this show, Philip explores Dr. Laszlo’s half-century quest to understand the world and what we are doing here.