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In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick
author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which
shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing
energies, miracles along with ways to tap into your inner self and
intuition for greater awareness of what you and life really are all
about is delighted to welcome from Australia Andrew Matthews author of
his newest book How Life Works for when you understand the Universal
Laws of Energy it is increasingly easier and more possible to find
happiness health and prosperity and a love of life.

As listeners of the show are so well aware Sheryl and her guests share
intimate stories and insights into how to find the truth of both the
physical and spiritual world so we may utilize the wisdom of our mind
body and spirit to move past fear, blame, judgment, and create a new
story and state of peace harmony balance and love.

Andrew Matthews is the author of a range of self-help books whose
specialty include life-work balance, embracing change dealing with
disasters and achieving success and we will discuss success happiness
and well-being that may be encouraged by how good you feel and that it
is within your power to discern and know how when we feel good….good
things happen and when we feel bad bad things begin to happen. Andrew
focus on showing us how we can find work we love, be surrounded by
people we love and with honor the beauty of this precious gift of life.
We will come to know thoughts as energy which ultimately shape our

When Andrew is asked to think back to his childhood and remember a
person place or event that may have been influential for the development
of the adult he has become and the lifestyle he values now he
immediately tells us of his father who loved working and felt free
enough to trust his instincts to make different career changes as
necessary and explore different fields which helped him learn and
develop many different skills and because he was expanding and exploring
life he loved work and life fully.

Andrew tells us how he selected the title How Life Works and how he set
up the book so readers could find ways to understand different
approaches and perspectives for events and challenges so they could
remain engaged where necessary, detach when needed, and create new ways
to see themselves and to create what they need and want. Each chapter is
set up with stories and at the end In a Nutshell a spiritual awareness.
We come to know that we are responsible for our choices actions words
thoughts and that all are influencing the outcome of what we may
perceive as good or bad.

Andrew’s first chapter is entitled “When Bad Things Happen. He tells us
why he began the book with this topic and what we can learn from both
good and bad experiences Sheryl goes on to say why what happens is
really not good or bad until we judge it and determine we will react to
it in a certain way rather than just see it as an experience which can
help us find something good rather than bad if we so choose. For example
if you are working with people who pay little attention to your efforts
and ideas it might simply mean that they are not on the same vibration
or have different values or interests. That’s also ok because in order
to find peace and happiness you have to accept others as they are and
find those who might enjoy your interests. What does this event help you
to discover is what is really important to your own well being and
happiness. These events offer you the opportunity to be thankful and
grateful to your family and friends who treat you with love and to the
efforts you make to make others feel comfortable and welcomed. They can
help you develop greater empathy for their distress and unhappiness.

Furthermore we can learn that “The Law of Attraction” which says that
what we think about and pursue continually does materialize over time.
If we become conscious of the repetitive patterns that we are engaging
in and aware of our thoughts actions and behaviors we can begin to
recognize what works well for us and what might be holding us back from
creating a life that brims with joy and purpose.

Andrew you write “ Good things happen when we are feeling good and bad
things happen when we are feeling bad.”

Andrew shows us how to take a look at the subconscious mind to realize
how it works and how important beliefs are in making things happen in
our lives.The subconscious mind is powerful. Every night when you go to
sleep you continue breathing your heart keeps pumping ad you continue
digesting dinner. What’s controlling all that? It’s your subconscious
mind. Ninety nine percent of your brain power is in that part of your
mind which you are not aware of. Example: You drive a car while munching
peanuts singing to the radio and planning dinner. Every few seconds you
steer, brake or accelerate, while giving no thought to controlling the
car. So who is doing the driving? It’s your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind is one giant recorder. It has programs you were
born with that regulate breathing, heartbeat, and a thousand other
functions and it has programs you created—like how to walk talk type
dance drive and whistle. It is easiest to create new programs before you
are six years old. Children’s brain waves are different: they are
slower, and that is why they live in the present moment. They are an
open book effortlessly downloading information. Children have no adult
conscious mind saying, “This is too hard.”

Children have no filters no barriers. This explains why you can harm or
damage a young child’s perception of themselves and for life by telling
him he is stupid. Whatever you tell a four year old – “You are
beautiful” or “You are a loser” becomes law for him. The subconscious
mind doesn’t argue. It just accepts information as fact. Example: Nicole
planned a trip to Bali. She told me all she wanted to do was to lie down
and do nothing. When I asked her how Bali was when she returned the
response she gave me was that she got a five day migraine and spent the
whole week in the hotel room doing nothing…When you plant a thought,
your subconscious delivers.

Some people want to know why the same things keep happening to them
repeatedly. Some people are always broke or late, or always busy or
getting ripped off, or dating people who turn out to be problems. Then
there are people who make friends wherever they go, make money, or land
on their feet when challenges come.

In a Nutshell We discover “Life Unfolds from the inside out” and the
good news is you are not your patterns and can change your patterns. For
life to get better you don’t need to dwell on the past or worry about
what you did wrong. You just need to understand that you helped create
it and begin to think and feel differently, so you can have a better

Sheryl asks Matthew to tell us about negativity and how for most of us
negative becomes normal. Many people see themselves as generally being
right about things and so that makes others the problem when something
goes wrong. Most of us grew up with worried parents who taught us to
worry. They often told us what we couldn’t do or have and this confirmed
what we suspected that the world is a dangerous place. How on earth
could we fear less and develop our many talents? Only we now know by
accepting responsibility for our actions and thoughts and correcting our
mistakes , by saying we are sorry and acknowledge that no one is perfect
and that’s simply OK.

It seems many people seem happy and positive but we don’t know their
innermost thoughts. Many are often suffering in silence and denial from
depression quilt and fear.. Sheryl brings us two recent suicides by
celebrities who seemingly were doing just fine. Just look at the two
suicides by Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain successful to many.
Excessive social structures competition materialism social media and
wanting to follow what others deem acceptable has brought about a
weakening of the individual quest for personal attention to our
innermost soul guidance system. We must come to understand how our ego
interactions and our inner needs to find peace and happiness must work
together for a true alignment of our best life. Indeed negative thoughts
appear to us daily and we must decide how to use that negative thought
to perhaps learn something from it.

For example: You confront a rude person. Ask yourself, “What’s good
about confronting rude people?”

I’m building character and patience

I’m developing people skills

The rude people at work help me to appreciate my parents siblings and

Now here are more realistic ways to see this thought. Lousy things do

Say you break your leg. What’s good about this? You get to rest.

You learn to empathize with sick people.

You can read some great books.

In a Nutshell One negative thought attracts another One positive thought
attracts another. Always ask the question “What’s good about this” to
see the opportunity to grow and discover more about yourself and others
through whatever challenge or circumstance presents itself to you.

We go on to discuss what a thought is and how thoughts influence us in
the moment and after that.

If you have lived with junk thinking for 25 years thinking you hate your
life, job and can never pay your bills and accept that life is tough and
then you will die, life will continue that way much like a person who
has eaten junk food for twenty years and then decides to eat salad for
four days. Four days is a good start but it can’t correct twenty years
of junk.

What you think about yourself life and others becomes just like what you
eat. It determines how you feel and the state of your health. Before we
dismiss the idea that the quality of our thoughts creates our quality of
life we should ask ourselves Have we invested enough time energy and
been persistent about changing ourselves our patterns our language and
ideas to create a positive sustainable new reality.

In a Nutshell What you think about, you become. We might also ask What
is a thought?

Andrew writes about a scientist who Sheryl finds most fascinating and
enlightening and the work he shared with the public That scientist was
Dr. Masaru Emoto who did experiments to give us evidence that our
thoughts and words affect the world around us? His experiments showed
that our thoughts and words create a reaction. He experimented using
water. He used thoughts and wrote them out and talked to the samples of
water. For instance…He would say to one jar of water, “ I love you” and
to anther jar of water, “You’re ugly.” The water that was appreciated
formed exquisite highly organized crystals like jewelry that could be
seen under . The water that was criticized developed ugly cancer like
blobs. Think about how parents talk to their children when they are in
their formative years and how their bodies and cellular structure will
be affected years down the road and how they can develop emotional and
physical health challenges. You can just think a word and send that
thought to the water and the ice crystal will reflect the quality of
your thought. Dr. Emoto also wrote thoughts and placed it under the jars
and had the same reactions. What does all this mean? Thoughts are
energy: a force for creating good or bad. Sir issac Newton formulated
the laws of motion and gravitation and an advanced understanding of
mathematics mechanics astronomy and more. He also conducted experiments
to demonstrate the influence of mind on matter. Newton was a student of
ancient wisdom and the idea of a mechanical Universe unaffected by
prayer or human thought is not one that Newton would not agree with. We
now know that some things cannot be measured and that the Universe is
not a machine.

Andrew suggests, “You Get What You Feel.” Thought and action contain the
same essence or energy.Thought and feelings have their own magnetic
energy which attracts energy of a similar nature…This is the principle
that whatever you put into the Universe will be reflected back to you.
What this means from a practical standpoint is that we always attract
into our lives whatever we think about most, believe in most, strongly
expect on the deepest levels and or imagine most vividly…(Quote from
Shakti Gawain)

You give an understanding of the importance of knowing “the Rules of the
Game” by asking us to imagine that we are playing a ball game and didn’t
know the rules and other players kept jumping on our head. Wouldn’t we
feel like a victim Wouldn’t we decide, This is unfair. I don’t want to
play anymore. But when you learn the rules you will know when you’re
holding the ball, people will jump on your head..It’s not you. It’s just
the way the rules of the game are. When we stop taking things personally
and allow ourselves and others some slack life becomes incredibly

It seems then that thought create feelings and so negative thoughts
attract more negative things into your life like annoyance hopelessness
anger frustration jealousy and other lower vibration emotions or
feelings attract that energy. But if you think I’m lucky to have a job
and most days are good days and then add to those thought, “ Life is
getting better” create a happy feeling. You can concentrate on
editing your thoughts, accepting those that are fruitful productive and
enjoyable and watch life improve.

In a Nutshell It’s not what you know so much as how you feel

Prayer also figures into this equation of, “A change of feeling is a
change of destiny” which is a quote from Neville Goddard.

To get what you want you first need to have a feeling of what you want.
And see it as it has already happened for you. Some people will say this
is like prayer. It can be but it usually isn’t.

Most of us learned to pray in a different way such as, “God I am a
powerless sinner and my life is a mess. Can you please fix it? This
approach doesn’t work and now we know why. If you are filled with
negative emotion and feeling and thoughts of disappointment and
powerlessness and the belief you are a bad person unworthy of success
health happiness love you create experiences that match those feeling.

So why hasn’t religion been able to show us how truly to pray. Well they
have but over time it was watered down and lost. For example in the
Kings James Bible John 16:24 we read Ask and ye shall receive that you
joy may be full.

Traditional cultures the world over acknowledge the power of feeling.
The Navajo Indians understand that you don’t wish for rain. You FEEL the
rain and give thanks that it has arrived. Perhaps you see yourself and
others drinking bathing and enjoying the flow of life as well as water.
In his book Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer Gregg Braden describes
monks in the mountains of Tibet who express what they are feeling when
they pray hear the gongs say the mantras and see their prayers happening
on the inside.

Feeling is the prayer. This is how life works and the Law of Attraction
is realized

So if we need to feel better to create better results in our life how do
we go about that? Let’s think of emotions and rank them on a ladder with
the most positive at the top and the least positive at the bottom.

10 Love and joy
9 Happiness
8 Optimism
7 Contentment
6 Pessimism
5 Disappointment
4 Worry
3 Anger
2 Hatred and Revenge
1 Fear and Grief

So how do you get from fear to joy? You move to the next gear…you don’t
jump from hatred to joy overnight, but you set up a path or plan that
can allow for small steps and success. You might go from making $30,000
a year to $40,000 and then $60,000 with effort, prayer, feeling and
gratitude for progress.

What if you are ill or in pain? How do you expect me to feel happy and
positive. It’s not fair! Maybe it isn’t fair, but it is a law of life:
for your circumstances to improve you first have to feel more positive.

In a Nutshell This darkness before the dawn is known as the eleventh
hour. But the eleventh hour is an imposter. So often, if we just hang on
the tide will turn.

Sheryl always tells her clients and students that when they are viewing
events or deciding whether to engage with a person or event, to take
physically take one step back. Observe. Take a deep breath and Wait.
Experience how you feel and if you wish to engage or disengage in the
emotions that others are involved in. The body and the physical feelings
we experience are a guide to knowing what is good or not so good for us
to engage with. We must select that which suits our vibrational state of
being and allow and accept ourselves to flow with life and the people or
experiences we need for our personal growth. Knowing from within not
from the outside circumstances is the tool to be used. But the key is
feeling how your body responds to people places and thoughts or actions.
If it feels positive you will experience emotions on the higher steps of
the scale of emotions that Andrew set up. Then, it is advisable for us
to engage. Otherwise just move away and let it go.

Andrew might hope after reading his book How Life Works that you find
his way to choose the easy way to set goals and to be less specific. Say
you have found the perfect car job partner . It seems the answer to your
prayers. What do you do? You begin to feel your goal happily achieved,
and here is what you can tell yourself.

That car or something better.
That job or something better.
That partner or something better.

Then we are showing gratitude and trust in the Universal plan that
change is acceptable and we will be fine as our inner soul and the
Universe determine we can continue to learn and evolve. The magic is
that you are unattached and accept that your conscious mind can only see
a fraction of the picture or plan. This way of thinking becomes your way
of life. You just know you are connected to everything and that when you
are calm and believe in the process it works.

In a Nutshell The hard way is forcing things to happen The easy way is
allowing things to happen.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within Andrew Matthews
author of How Life Works has shared in amusing and practical ways how we
may transcend and transform life and our often unrealistic or
unauthentic beliefs of what we may wish to achieve or experience based
on the views of society our friends and family and learn to experience
life from within our own thoughts and energies as we learn the rules of
the game and enjoy life more. We can move from knowing that it is not
perfection that we need or even can achieve and that happiness is about
self-improvement and celebrated steps of progress. We have also
discovered perhaps the reason for having a physical life.

Andrew wrote. “Imagine for a moment that you were God and you decided to
make some humans. These humans would be like apprentice creators. They
don’t build universes but they are fairly handy. They write stories and
make music invent helicopters and ipods, build cities and also make
babies. These humans inhabit a Universe that seems solid enough. But on
investigation they discover that the building blocks of the Universe are
not solid particles but waves of energy. This energy turns out to be the
same stuff as human thoughts.

Andrew and I would have you recognize the divine quality of your unique
life and thoughts and focus on happiness which most probably is the aim
and end of human existence as Aristotle said so long ago. Andrew
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