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Sheryl Glick


In this episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author
of The Living Spirit who as a medium and energy practitioner shares
stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing
energies, miracles and ways to use your intuition to expand your senses
and to reach beyond to the mysteries of life is delighted to welcome Joe
McQuillen author of My Search For Christopher On the Other Side who in
his search for his lost son found the greatest truth there is…The other
side is real and knowing this is the greatest gift you can be given in
this lifetime.

As listeners have come to expect over the years Sheryl and her guests
share intimate stories memories and events that allow us to understand
our physical as well as our soul life aspects, and to know that we are
much more than our bodies. This seemingly dual nature is but an
opportunity to remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical
life. Experience is the way we advance personally and collectively to
grow in wisdom and love.

In today’s episode of Healing From Within Joe McQuillen will share his
journey from the pain and sorrow of the loss of his son Christopher in a
boating accident and the awakening discovery and acceptance he found
through mediums, research, and eventually direct communication with
Chris as he navigated his personal bridge to the other side.

When Joe is asked to think back to his childhood and remember a person
place or event that may have been meaningful to him and may have even
offered him or others a glimpse into the life he would embrace as an
adult he tells us about his large Irish Catholic family and growing up
in Buffalo which looking back offered him a way to grow beyond any
earlier challenge and embrace the spiritual aspects of life which made
it possible for him to conquer alcoholism and find a way to find
something valuable after the loss of his son in a boating accident. Joe
has lost many many people over the years but his understanding and
sensing that life is not random and we are living a life of our planned
preparation perhaps before we were even born, has given him the courage
to turn a hurtful situation and make some good come out of it by serving
people and sharing his discoveries through his connection with
Christopher from his place in his new spiritual life.

Joe tells us a little more about his own personal challenges before the
death of Christopher and how the death of Christopher encouraged a new
third career which might be the most fulfilling of his life. Joe Mc
Quillen has been married for 27 years and is the father of three
children one on the other side. Joe was the youngest of 10 children from
an Irish Catholic family and is at heart a blue collar kid from Buffalo
N.Y. Joe spent 25 years in the automobile business and his second career
is as a mortgage broker, He is involved with charitable associations and
sits on the board of In Balance Ranch Academy a boarding school
dedicated to helping troubled teens with addiction. Joe is himself 33
years sober and a member of AA a fact that has, in his words, “helped me
to get close to God and to carry me through the dark times after my
boy’s crossing..

When Joe met with mediums since Chris’ death he kept very good notes and
soon discovered that he would eventually write a book

Sheryl says that when she started her energy and mediumship work she was
told by another medium to journal all events as she would be able to
look back over the stories see progress, and all the many connections.
My books Life Is No Coincidence and The Living Spirit and my next book
are all taken from those journals. My next book New Life Awaits Creating
Your Best Afterlife by Living Consciously Now is the culmination of my
years as a intuitive healer medium and years of hospice volunteer work.

Joe had experiences with mediums from the very beginning of his early
adulthood and for him there was never much of a concern about fraud at
any time in the process. Joe mentions that he saw a psychic in the early
1980’s when he and his sister Marcia were in Washington D.C. The woman
said my current girlfriend was with her parents surrounded by water on
three sides. She also told me that my girlfriend was there to decide on
our relationship and that it wouldn’t work out. At that time my
girlfriend was on Cape Cod at her parent’s house and when she returned
to D.C. she did indeed end the relationship.

When my sister came out from her reading she was disappointed. The
reader told her she was going to be the mother of 12 children. Being
divorced, single, a working mom in her 40’s with two children so she
dismissed the reading. I asked her about her recent love interest Wasn’t
he a widower with 10 kids? My sister and Tom were married within a few
years and she did take the role of mother for the younger kids. So the
medium had come up with accurate information for both sort of showing
them that some things are just meant to be and we need to allow life to
unfold without too much judgment and sadness.

In 2001 someone gave Joe the name of a medium and since he was looking
for the answers to life’s questions he thought he would like to see what
this medium would say. She told him that his Dad in Spirit had a message
to confirm it was really him. His Dad was showing a caboose and told her
the word railroad. Indeed we were a railroad family and my father had
retired after 40 years working on the railroad. My mother’s father was
also a railroad person as well as my Uncle Bill and five other boys in
the family. So she was showing you that your father and others in the
family had followed their path and enjoyed their choice of profession in
their lives.

Sheryl says that even before Christopher passed you had a good feeling
about the afterlife and a strong faith to sustain those feelings and Joe
responds that it is not an afterlife at all but a continuation of the
soul’s journey to learn love and share eternally according to the Higher
Divine Plan.

At a follow up to that same medium, she told you that your son Chris was
an Indigo Child and would be diagnosed as having Attention Deficit
Disorder. She dismissed that diagnosis and said that he answered to a
different dimension. Indigo Children are highly intuitive sensitive
souls who generally work as healers teachers authors and simply good
natured people.

Sheryl says that her childhood family training did not entertain the
idea of an afterlife as Joe’s did and as a sensitive child she always
felt there was more to life than she could learn in books or even from
other people. Then about 25 years ago when sick with the flu Sheryl had
what she thought was a dream. Her grandfather was there in the shadows
saying to her that she had to write something for her father. Sheryl
didn’t know what it meant, but the next day received a call from her
mother who told her that her Dad had passed. Sheryl wrote his eulogy as
instructed, but couldn’t forget the feeling of that energy that had
enveloped her. Through coincidences and synchronicity Sheryl was guided
to meet many healers and mediums and eventually understood that life or
consciousness survives physical death. In ways like you, Sheryl may have
been a skeptic or simply afraid to delve into the mysteries of the
Divine, but when the time was right, the journey to evolve as a soul and
communicate with Spirit began in earnest.

Joe give a good definition of a medium and writes, “A medium is someone
who stands at the midway point between two realms and acts as a conduit
that transfers energy between these two points of contact. In the case
of working with your deceased loved ones, a medium can transfer images,
words, thoughts and emotions back and forth between the physical world
(where you are) and the spiritual world (where they are).”

Sheryl reads a beautiful quote from Rumi in the book, that she likes,
“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those
who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

Joe goes on to tell of his first reading after Chris died with Nancine
and she told that at the time of the accident there was the feeling of
his lungs filling up with water which was a new feeling and confusing,
and while there was some panic, no pain or suffering. His spirit was
pulled quickly from his body and his cousin Kerry whose boys he had
helped take care of after she passed, was there to greet him. Seeing her
surprised him and he was filled with surprise and delight, as there was
so much color sensation and beauty. Nancine told Joe that Chris visited
his father’s room after he passed to check on him.

Chris also saw Joe’s brother Jerry who passed two years ago and Jerry
said she was working with young children whose souls were preparing to
return. All in all Chris described being wrapped in a bubble wrap of
pure love and he was all in – zooming and rejuvenated. He said to tell
mom he was sorry for any difficulties he had brought them and had
definitely picked them as his parents. Sheryl shares with Joe that as a
child she had a small plastic doll she called Jerry and spoke to him of
all the sadness she saw and felt in the world as she searched to
understand life and the people around her. Sheryl also shared with Joe a
reading she did for Michael on the same day he passed from a motorcycle
accident. Sheryl sensed his soul leaving immediately upon impact and
Michael saw the people helping him with much concern and the light
beings above who encouraged him to move forward as it was his time. The
beauty of what was ahead called to him and while he felt sad to leave
his family parents and girlfriend behind it was what needed to happen.

On the next reading Chris revealed some interesting truths. He said that
life had been a struggle for him due to anxiety and he often needed
help. Chris wanted us to know that he was in love before he crossed. It
was a local girl Claire Clark who had been his friend since they were
kids. He said he always thought he was a loner but there were three
dudes and a woman who had always been with him. Nancine said, “We call
them Angels.” Chris said he didn’t feel a lot at the time of his passing
because he was becoming Spirit and it was like falling over in a crowd.

Sheryl says to Joe, “It must have been hard to write this book so soon
after Christopher’s crossing, but you say your son wanted you to relay
this story and you promised him you would. Joe writes that his journey
in search of Chris has been nothing short of amazing. He feels and knows
that Chris is there when he plays golf, when he drives in his jeep and
when he sits at his grave in conversation with him. Chris has sent him
signs and has played songs to show Joe he is around.

Sheryl says…when she realized that her loved ones were around her in the
beginning through the messages from mediums that were always so accurate
and reassuring she knew that she had discovered the greatest piece of
knowledge and truth that there is no death and we are simply spiritual
beings having a physical life and she asked God to let her carry this
message like a ball across the field to the goal line and to go as far
as she could with it and share this message of eternal life with
everyone. I committed to work for spirit in any way they guided me and I
have travelled far and wide met so many people given Reiki in hotels
hospital schools airports anywhere Spirit brings a person who asks for

When asked what his family though of his experience with Spiritual
communication Joe responds that there was acceptance and a good
understanding of soul life and eternal energy.

Sheryl says That while your Catholic training may have set up a way to
know something exists after the physical life, I would think you would
have had lots of support from your family but sometimes Catholic people
have been lead to believe that seeing a medium is not such a good idea.
Personally my experiences and sense of spiritual awareness as a gift
from Spirit believe that God gives us many spiritual gifts that he wants
us to use to help ourselves and others truly understand the magnificent
potential we have to live love and grow in greater energy and divine
wisdom -Closer to the highest realms of life in the afterlife.

Sheryl asks Joe, “After this process, of opening up fully to Spirit what
are your thoughts and fears—as well as your loved ones—surrounding
death? Joe of course says that he knows his son Christopher is working
with him on this book and others and from the beginning of his journey
with his father was always on a soul level aware that everything must
happen according to the plan we established even before being born as it
helped us

Sheryl says In my first book Life Is No Coincidence, during my awakening
process which lead me to develop healing mediumship ability to connect
to Spirit in meaningful ways, Sheryl wrote, “This expansion of my
understanding of God or Universal Energy has shown me there is an
afterlife; my time on earth is simple one experience in a greater
eternal dimension. Knowing that, removes all fear of death, and
consequently dispels the fear of living. I believe God offers me
multiple lifetimes, to work out difficult relationships from former
associations. My life is not random, accidental gathering of
acquaintances, but a planned interconnectedness of people I need to
meet. “Coincidences” align to place me where I belong on my life path. I
am affected by all people—past present and future—both in the spiritual
relationships of my soul and in the physical encounters where I have
constant opportunities to learn to truly honor others and to respect the
God within each of them.”

Sheryl thinks that the love Christopher showed for Joe and Sally, his
mom, asking them both to work on their relationship as he saw you
drifting apart was what helped them to accept his loss and treasure
their relationship. Because of what Christopher told you things started
to shift and love was rekindled, This shows us how those in spirit wish
us to move pass grief quickly, and embrace the beauty in our life, as
they are always nearby, and want us to know they will see us when we
cross over. If we can hold that thought in our heart, we are never
really separate, as all of us are interconnected to Universal Energy and
that’s where the real answers to life love and experience can be found.
I don’t believe Joe is fooling himself, for he truly feels his son at
times and has had wonderful messages of great intensity and beauty from
Chris and knows that life is much more than the physical body. For those
of us who know the truth that there is no death, only a transcendence of
soul energy to higher life, then no one can take that away from us.

We thank Joe McQuillen author of My Search For Christopher On The Other
Side for the honest and brave way he has navigated what many think to be
an insurmountable loss to have found the truth: there is no loss, just a
change in dimension, just the progression of life from here to beyond in
the energy of eternal soul life, and that love is a continuing force
that keeps souls together bound in an eternal creation of knowing who we
are, where we come from, and how to proceed pass fear and challenges, to
the freedom of peace.

In summarizing today’s shows Joe has provided questions and answers that
produce a firsthand way of navigating such a difficult at first
seemingly, unforgivable loss, that of a child, a son, a friend, and then
finding a way to realize that the physical life is but one aspect of the
creative nature of energy and eternal soul life. Through this tough
experience we may begin to realize that they are never far away, and we
may gain new awareness higher consciousness by journeying through the
world of the physical in search of our inner or soul essence. Truly
miraculously we may find our dear loved ones are nearer than we thought.
In conquering our fear and sorrow, and in learning acceptance while
allowing the flow of life in all its forms, we truly raise our own
vibration to higher levels of awareness: joy, compassion and love.
Perhaps the real purpose of a physical life is to remember our soul.
While we all hope to have our loved ones with us perhaps forever, in the
physical world that is not possible. But as Joe and I have learned
through transcending time and space, and receiving the messages and
energy of loved ones, life is but a dream of unending quality. We must
surrender at times to the needs of each soul to know when it is their
time to move to the next level of their eternal development. For Joe and
I hope many of our listeners find and hold the knowingness of eternal
life and that this truth will sustain them through all the challenges of
the physical world. We ask for help from Spirit to give out our healing
energy to those as they open their hearts and minds to these truths, and
work lovingly to find happiness beyond the sorrow of human life.

Joe and I would have you find people who work with the energy of life
and beyond if you are dealing with grief and loss. No one has to be
alone as our loved ones in Spirit are always around us when we simply
think of them, or utter their name. Mediums may help you discover this
more securely. So continue to search and eventually find that this truth
is the only truth worth holding in your heart…Love is divine and

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