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Sheryl Glick


Welcome to Healing From Within with your host Sheryl Glick author of The
Living Spirit which share stories of spiritual awakening spiritual
communication healing energies miracles and ways to begin to know your
intuitive sixth sense and connection to Universal Energy. Sheryl is
delighted to welcome Elaine Clayton a return guest to the show to
discuss her new books A Little Bit of Angels and A Little Bit of Fairies
which shares the magic of life forces that bring love and beauty to our
hearts and help us find our path to remembrance.As listeners of “Healing from Within” are so well aware my guests and I
share our intimate experiences and awareness of metaphysical factors
that may not be readily seen but are felt and known by many of us as we
begin to quiet our minds and allow Universal Energy to reconnect and
remind us that we are spiritual beings having a physical exchange with
the universe in hopes of refining our energy. We are also learning to
develop a greater working relationship with our mind body and spirit for
evolving into a higher vibration of love and rediscovering our
magnificent personal power for creation.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Elaine who is a writer
illustrator artist and gifted psychic will show us how angels warn us,
protect us, and will share ways for angelic intervention with practical
advice for working to foster empathy creativity and forgiveness. We will
learn how to distinguish between angels and fairies and how fairies came
to be as we discover the co-existence of animals and fairies in nature.
We will share much information about the many angels and their personal
qualities that help us to advance our own personal growth.

When Elaine is asked to remember her earlier life and think about a
person place or event that is still meaningful in the work and lifestyle
of her adult life, she writes, “I cannot recall a time when I did not
believe in angels. Certainly my conditioning in early childhood included
an awareness of angels, for which I am grateful. Growing up with a sense
of some kind of atmospheric “other” I was open to the presence of divine
helpmates even though they were remote or for the most part, invisible.
For example the wind blowing a door open for me at just the right moment
was really an agent of the wind or an angel’s hands aiding me. I reflect
on the days of my life and see how I imagined the unseen not only within
us but within the spaces between us between each other and objects to be
filled with a force of love.”

Sheryl says “In the book I am working on New Life Awaits I share many
stories of people who have had challenging moments and have been aided
by what they find out to be living angels who were there to help when
needed and then suddenly not there when we try to find them again. In
readings I share with clients as an intuitive medium I have felt and
sensed in my inner vision angels of various sizes emanating colorful
rays of light warmth protection and peace as well of course overwhelming

There really such things as angels and a person can begin to become
aware of them in the ways that Elaine shares with us. Elaine suggests
flipping the pages of her book and letting your finger fall on a word.
Do this three times and see if the words relate to an issue or concern
of yours. You can do this of course with any book but nice to do it with
this angel book which holds the energies of Spirit as they wish it to be
observed. This is a way to become aware that your angels are watching
and willing to help with inspirational suggestions for your well being
and those you love.

Elaine writes, “Angels are real and you’ve got one. In fact, you’ve got
many. You have an angel for anything necessary which means you’ve got
different angels according to different phases and needs throughout your

Sheryl says, “Over the years intuitive people have floated into my life
and given me messages that aided my spiritual development. When at a
workshop in Toronto many years ago I was told that my guide to help me
with writing was Joshua, an Amish man, and this medium, who told me
that, even drew a picture of Joshua. Later when I returned to teaching
in an inner city school another medium told me my guide was Jackson and
one day there was a dangerous situation with several older students
engaged in a brutal fight and I just screamed out in a voice that seemed
unlike my own “Stop that!”they immediately stepped away from each other.
They seemed stunned or shocked. I was amazed and so grateful to have the
strength and help from Jackson. Our angels are our guides and teachers
and if you reflect on the challenging times, most of us will remember
being helped in ways that seemed mysterious and indeed almost heavenly.”

Sheryl says to Elaine, that whether defying Earth bound scientific laws
of nature or working through those same laws happenstance and blithe
providence is the prediction of angels for the benefit of humankind.
Elaine tells us one of her interactions with her angels. She tells of
being a passenger in a car on a lonely Georgia highway and the car spun
out and ended up in a ditch. When she climbed out on a deserted road she
saw a tow truck approaching at the very moment it was needed. When this
large red headed man got out she says that she felt this was an angelic
presence. There are many accounts of people who show up suddenly during
a crisis then seemingly disappear before they can be thanked for saving
a life or rescuing someone from a dire situation.

Sheryl says I have had many clients in hospice and at my office where I
do energy healing sessions tell me of these miraculous events. There was
Gregg who was in a car crash where the car was totaled and a woman
approached his car and said to stay calm that help was on the way. When
the ambulance arrived he looked for the woman and she was nowhere to be

Elaine writes “ It is humorous and fun to play with the thought of an
angel materializing from Spirit form to an earthly looking guy.
Impossible as it may seem, the effect is still the same and therefore,
“angelic—my plight was drastically improved, as if by magic.”

For me there was a young man named Timothy who came into my mother’s
Intensive Care unit and told me not to worry he would take care of her.
Days later when she was moved to another room in another part of the
hospital with a feeding tube inserted in her nose Timothy walked in and
I ran to him and said “She’s not doing well.” Timothy walked over to the
bed and said, “You don’t need that feeding tube you can eat on your
own.” The next day when I returned to the hospital the feeding tube was
out and my mom was eating a little jello. I ran through the halls and to
the office to find Timothy and there was no Timothy on staff. After my
mother passed whenever there was a challenging time I would meet a
Timothy and know Spirit was standing nearby helping me or those I was
concerned about.

It seems Sheryl says that every great discovery in science music art and
literature has been inspired by the messengers of the Universe guides
angels holy vibrational beings God or the Divine as we are never
separate from that source of connection to the creative force. They
surround and support our human journey and if we allow them accept them
and surrender to the divine plan we are infinitely healthier, more
joyful, productive and dynamic, as our soul is free from the many fears
and restrictions of illusion. It is only in allowing our physical world,
societal training, religious differences and economical pursuits that we
form this barrier of separation and lose the divine thread of
interconnectedness and love that is our birthright.

We discuss the global idea that positive and negative angels do exist
and Elaine says that in western Abrahamic culture we look to ancient
Judaism for origins of the notion of angels in Torah which greatly
influenced the Christian and Islamic concept of angels and ways of
interacting with them.

Kabbalah taught that there is a structure to the universe and that
angels are an integral part of this system. They guide and send us
messages and facilitate the circulation of energy throughout the
universe having a direct impact on everything that happens in the world,
no matter how big or small. Justin Beck teaches that there are both
positive and negative angels at work Some of the best known angels
according to ancient Jewish mysticism have existed forever: the Angel of
Death Archangels and Guardian Angels.

According to Kabbalah a guardian angel escorted your soul into this
world at birth and travels at your side until your death. This being is
a friend teacher and spiritual partner steering you back on track when
you stray. The more you open yourself to his or her influence the more
Light you can bring into the world. These Guardian Angels help us attain
levels we couldn’t achieve acting individually. Just as your Guardian
Angel encourages your spiritual growth your Negative Angel acts as your
opponent, drawing you toward destructive behavior and pressuring you to
indulge your ego. Your Negative Angel brings your strengths and
weaknesses into full view. As a result your Negative Angel gives you the
opportunity to better your life and expand your consciousness. Angels
are ever present tools for transformation.

Elaine tells us something about her second book A Little Book of Fairies
a topic that most people are not as familiar with as Angels.Many regard
the tales of fairies as superstitious fancies but fairies like angels
are very real and natural parts of our existence. There is a heartfelt
way of living that recognizes that everything and everyone is
interconnected, and this meaning is the profound sense that we are not
alone in our struggle to survive. Nature and uncanny events are familiar
and common, Living with a sense of innate oneness proves that there are
unseen helpers permeating our natural world urging all of life to

Fairies are known to be a good people: a hidden and ethereal race of
beings who appear as 3-D as any human or as hologram-like (colorful and
mostly transparent) forms of all sizes. Luminous and airy, they may even
appear quite fully human, although often smaller or in some subtle way a
bit different than the average human. Fairies are somewhere in a
spiritual stratosphere between humans and angels. We might sense them
but not see them or see them and question whether we actually did see
them. They confound us

Sheryl says she remembers when one of her granddaughters was about three
and used to continuously tell her about the small pink grandmother that
lived in the yard across the street in a tiny pink house. Sheryl was so
curious and believed her. One day she showed her a picture of her mother
who had passed and the child said, “No that was not her pink
grandmother.” Children are very open to the energies that exist in
nature and in spirit.

Elaine writes…”Children sense that life is not at all as it seems on the
surface until we coax and condition them to more practical applications.
They understand that our propensity and habit of labeling and
identifying nature is superficial ….they feel the exciting air of
enchantment of unseen fairy folk…they are aligned completely with their
imagination knowing it is very much a part of this great expanse of the
life force and the pathway to the playscape of fairies. They know that
there is a dream happening, and we are in it.”

Fairies and angels are different. Elaine writes…” All of creation every
particle of matter is impregnated with abundant spiritual endowment, and
both angels and fairies are in cooperative roles to bring about the most
potential with that irrepressible forces of life. Fairies are the
delicate link between earthly life (that which is physical matter) and
spiritual life (that which is ethereal) and they are to a degree subject
to the same laws of nature as are humans. They can slip into human like
3-D form and cultivate life that is in 3-D form and then disappear into
the purely spiritual dimension unbound by matter.

Angels on the other hand, are not subject to our laws of nature and
function as spiritual advocates arriving to help us cope with these
terms of natural law such as gravity, growth, death, illness and
increments of time. Fairies are coping in their own way a bit
differently than humans and need our cooperation as they require (for
their own well being) respect from the elements seasons the land we
inhabit and all aspects of Earth Life. Angels may peer into our world,
see our life situations and even appear as human or animal to aid us:
however they are not of our world. Fairies are bound to our world, yes
in some essential ways, they experience it uniquely.

There are so many types of fairies: Elemental fairies…earth wind water
and fire and Imps Changelings Elves Pixies Dryads Gnomes Sylphs nymphs (
when you have a desire to love and be loved Nymphs will draw near and
then there are also Mermaids Sirens and Sulkies who all express a sexual

Sheryl found the water fairies interesting as she is a Reiki energy
healer and as humans we consist of a very high percentage of water.
Elaine wrote, “Water fairies surround us while also working closely with
our physical systems to heal us. They may enter all seven chakras to
balance and swirl health into you when you are not we. The water fairies
appear as luminescent and often the color of sea foam or sea glass They
tingle like champagne bubbles and can massage you like hefty ocean
waves. Water fairies want us to be in the flow of life. You say you once
had a meditation at a time when you felt stuck and heard an inner voice
teach you, by saying “ Don’t be like the water. Be the water” This
allowed you to feel yourself moving over rocks through sticks downstream
and flowing with the current. Fairies of the Water know that we need to
keep a fluid sensibility to endure life, that our deep roots of
established habits and attitudes need water wisdom and to be aware of
the tides of our attitudes which is vital to the way our life functions
and unfolds. Water fairies urge us to float and play with the stream of
life. Struggling against the currents and tides only exhausts us.”

Elaine would like readers to take away with them after reading A Little
Bit of Angels and A Little Bit of Fairies that when we communicate with
others angels are present. It is as if we are communicating with them.
They listen when we communicate through social media and we are sending
an immense amount of energy by words and actions. To counterbalance all
we do in the way of communicating we dream….this is so we may have a
chance to learn through our own unconscious as well as though spiritual
astral experiences. The angels will speak to us the way we speak to
others. Your angels may be helping you resolve some emotions that claim
your spirit in some way, some hurt, or lack of worth or even sense of
preciousness that needs healing. The angels are also constantly trying
to let us know they are right here with us. The angels will help us
whether we realize it or not but life is way more interesting when we
not only believe in angels but seek them and seek to understand their

You might see visions of angels or synchronistic signs like:

Your favorite number pops up.
The person you just thought of or spoke of calls you at that moment.
Your favorite animal in the wild darts nearby
What you dreamed shows up in waking life.
You say a word, then turn on the TV and a character says the same word.
You want something and out of the blue someone offers it to you.
You ask a question in your mind and not long after someone answer the
question for you.

Sheryl says..The more you pay attention to the synchronistic events and
coincidences even miracles which are messages and guidance or divine
intervention the more regularly will it happen as you will be more in
alignment with higher energy and your Higher Self which is
interconnected to the angels and divine levels of life.

Elaine Clayton author of A Little Bit of Angels and A Little Bit of
Fairies has shared beautiful insights and accurate research into the age
old question that has captivated many of us for all of eternity, “Who
supports us in this physical world?”: Our need to find the esoteric
spiritual and magical forces of energy and beings that help guide and
love us as we explore the issues and emotions of human life lead us to
the angels and fairies.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have
discovered what perhaps we have always know that life is not random and
we are not alone for like children who have parents teachers and leaders
to guide them to maturity and self –awareness, the Universe or Divine
provides us with the Universal Laws of Energy and beings angels fairies
and guides who help us along the way to discover we can move through the
challenges of this three dimensional physical reality and it is not
necessary to suffer or worry, just to ASK for help and pay attention to
the messages that come into our thoughts and hearts when we most need a
helping hand. We are equipped with everything we need, within, at the
time of our birth, for a successful healthy life journey, but simply
need to recognize or acknowledge once again our soul divinity and flow
in the stream of life, not with resistance and struggle, but with trust
and hope that all is well.

Elaine and I would have you begin to remember your dreams coincidences
and feelings in your body that alert you to the presence of our
celestial helpers and awaken you to the joy and love that they bring to
each of us, no matter what state of mind or difficulty we face. They are
there and very much hoping you discover them.
Today’s Guest