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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within.” your host Sheryl Glick
author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of awakening spiritual
communication healing energies miracles and a guide to inner intuition
for higher consciousness is delighted to welcome Chrissie Astell author
of Seven Steps Into Angel Light and her new Guardian Angel Oracle Cards
and one of the most highly qualified and experienced angel teachers and
writers in the U.K. She holds a BA in Comparative Religion and
post-graduate certificates in Spiritual Development and will share with
us new awareness of angels and their place in time-space life and death
and a new perspective of their many qualities and services to humanity.When Chrissie is asked to remember her childhood and a person place
event or goal that may have shown her or others the interests and work
she might do when an adult she tells us of sensing the light of colors
in her bedroom at night and asking what she knew to be angels that they
help her to be “kind.” She also remembers her small loving grandmother
who believed in fairies and magical beings and was the kindest person to

Sheryl shares with Chrissie her own evolving thoughts on angels and
says, “In the last twenty years after awakening to a new reality about
life death and the nature of Universal energy which supports this
physical world I moved past the belief system of my earlier training
taught to me by my family who believed life ends with our physical death
and that angels are only mythical representations of early ways to deal
with nature man the fear of death and Spirit. In other words I didn’t
believe in Angels. Now I know Angels and guides are real and are always
around us while we are in this physical realm and then with us beyond
this world as they support and guide our necessary life experiences.

Sheryl shares with Chrissie her meeting with one of the first very
important angels who was Timothy. Sheryl’s mom had a major heart attack
during a car accident and was taken to a hospital in Brooklyn New
York…actually the same hospital where Sheryl and her sisters had been
born. In intensive care and not doing well a young male nurse came into
the room and told Sheryl he was going to take care of her mom. Sheryl
asked his name and he responded…Timothy. Days later when her mother was
taken to another section of the hospital with a feeding tube inserted in
her nose and still showing little improvement Timothy walked in and
Sheryl ran to him and said, ”She’s not doing well.” Timothy walked over
to the bed and quietly said to her, “You don’t need that feeding tube.
You can eat on your own.” The next morning when Sheryl visited her
mother she saw the feeding tube was out and her mother was, with a
little help, eating jello. Sheryl went through the hallways to find
Timothy and to thank him but no one knew of a Timothy that worked there.
After Sheryl’s mom passed and since that time she has met other
Timothy’s always at challenging times when renewed hope was needed.
Along Sheryl’s spiritual path as she developed her energy healing gift
and an ability to receive messages from Spiritual energy she has met
many guides in human form and recorded many stories where people felt
divine assistance at challenging times.

While Sheryl and Chrissie believe Angels are a special life force and
one of God’s messengers who do not have a physical life, there seem to
be humans who embody or reflect angelic energy when necessary, or
perhaps angels who just take human form in order to help us at times.

We can describe and define angels in many ways. The word angel comes
from the Greek “Angelos”, which in turn is a translation of the Hebrew
word “Malakh”, meaning “messenger”. And indeed throughout history it has
been the role of angels to act as messengers and conduits between the
Divine and humans. The Bible mentions angels 300 times and like other
Jewish and Christian writings it shows them not only as messengers, but
as guides protectors and bringers of wisdom. Angels also feature in
Islam: for example, Gabriel is said to have transmitted the Qur’an to
the Prophet Muhammad. And Muslims believe that each of us is assigned
two angels: one to record our good deeds throughout life, the other our

The traditional angel portrayed in Western art is a radiant human like
being with large, white wings. If you expect angels to appear in this
form, they may well do so for you—but most people’s experience of them
is very different. Just as we each have our unique view of the world, we
also have our own perception of angels. When angels make contact with
humans the most common signs that people experience are “goose bumps” a
tingling of the scalp or a feeling that their hair or face is being
gently touched. Some people sense or see a bright column of light.
Others hear harmonious music, words spoken or whispered to them, or the
voices of a heavenly choir. I have also known people who sense a
presence, such as warm air, or smell a beautiful fragrance such as rose
or jasmine. However, you don’t always have to perceive an angel
consciously to know that you have been helped: you simply have to feel
it in your inner being.

Whether you seek guidance with a specific problem or inspiration for a
new day, open your heart and mind to the angels and they will answer
you. Let them show you how to shine your light into the world. We can
connect with angels through sensory feelings in dreams visions in
hearing thoughts that inspire or guide us in prayer and in seeing beauty
in new ways in the world.

Sheryl believes that we are born with a life plan a destiny like an
itinerary for life experiences that lead us to know ourselves, the world
and the Divine in a more loving and compassionate way. When we veer off
course and are in jeopardy of not completing our mission and learning
what we must in this incarnation it is the responsibility of the Angels
to help us return to our plan. Angels help us to heighten our intuition
or sense of reconnecting with our soul energy and alignment to spirit so
we may discern truth from illusion. Angels send us messages in many
ways…often it is a feeling or intuition within or it could be a thought
that catches our attention. It could also be a dream or vision that
guides us to a result that is necessary in our development at the right
time. Intuition is a sense of knowing without really having to think
about it in a mind based way.

Chrissie tells us that angel cards and readings have become really
mainstream, especially amongst millennials. We believe that at this time
in human evolution many of the souls being born are of a high spiritual
awareness and are here to help others remember and realign to the Divine
so perhaps heaven can be realized on earth as it was always supposed to
–In a beautiful world of nature where love between souls beyond
separation created by illusion and fear, we may truly come to know
peace, end war and illness, and simply be the divine eternal souls that
we have always been.

Sheryl says, “ At this time in our human development we have reached a
tipping point…the call of our material physical world is battling the
inner world of Spirit love compassion fairness and equality and it is
almost an issue between good and bad, right and wrong. While there
really is no dichotomy or duality only pure energy and our spiritual
being in this three dimensional reality of the physical world, fear and
our inability to feel safe and to be able to meet our physical needs
often make people respond in less than divine and loving ways in order
to protect what they think they need to survive. If all people could
know they are spiritual beings having a physical life and the
experiences they have are necessary for their growth and evolution :
that they are never alone, but guided by angels guides higher
vibrational beings and Universal Source, we would be able to achieve
heaven on earth which the millennials so desire. If more people turn to
Spirit and the angels life will most assuredly improve.

Chrissie tells us how to use this deck The Guardian Angel Cards which
are most beautiful and informative.

While religious traditions recognize many thousands of angels, 52 of
which are featured in the Guardian Angel Oracle deck of cards. Those
included have been chosen for their positive energies, which will help
you grow in strength, compassion and wisdom. In answering your calls for
help these angels will lovingly guide your soul on its journey through
life. The cards are grouped into four suits, headed by the Archangels
Michael, Gabriel Raphael and Uriel. These divine beings are perhaps the
best-known and best loved angels in Jewish Christian and Muslim belief.
Each embodies a particular quality: Archangel Michael symbolizes
protection; Gabriel, inspiration: Raphael, healing: and Uriel,
enlightenment. The archangels can bring messages but you can also ask
them to help you by over-lighting-enveloping you in their energy field
to provide extra protection and clarity.

The other 12 cards in each of the four angel suits represent particular
spiritual aspects relating to the Archangels main quality. For example,
“Passion” is one facet of the gifts bestowed by Archangel Michael.
Similarly, “Beauty” is one of the marvels by which Archangel Uriel can
open your awareness to the treasures of the world around you and guide
you to a higher understanding of the universe and you place in it.

At the beginning of the show Sheryl selected a card with an angel on it
and the word “Service.” This card came from The Suite of Uriel and when
you read of Uriel in the small book that accompanies the cards you
discover the caption says…”I exalt the divine within as I accept the
gift of true spiritual peace.” We also discover that the name Uriel in
Hebrew means “Fire of God” and in Christian tradition he was known as
the Messenger of the Most High, the Spirit of Ministration, Peace and
Grace and he was a leader in the angelic armies together withMichael. He
was also the keeper of hidden knowledge who was said to have revealed
the mysteries of the Kabbalah to mankind and the secrets of alchemy to
the Magi. Today Uriel is known as the Archangel of salvation and some
believe the guardian of our planet.

Sheryl and Chrissie were delighted that the angels guided us to this
card before the show as indeed the work we do and the messages we share
that come through us are for the purpose of healing our people our
planet and we are grateful always to the angels and other beings of
light that guide and support us.

When we go to the card, Service we read “I offer the best of my talents
for the greatest good of all.” Those we select this card will read the
following, : We might not all be able to save lives or do other heroic
deeds but everyone can play a part in society by willingly sharing their
talents. The Angel of Service encourages you to give your capabilities
knowledge and time to help and inspire others and thus make a difference
in the world. It is what Chrissie and I are so blessed to be able to do.

Chrissie also tells us about her new book Seven Steps Into Angel Light
and what she hopes readers take away with them after reading this book.
Angels are used by God as he directs humanity to know the beauty and
goodness of the Kingdom of God. Angels help all human being to
appreciate the intentions of those in Spirit to act honorably and to
avoid contamination by unloving unjust and negative actions. Angels
guide and protect those who are faithful to God and perhaps encourage
even those who don’t understand how to live a faithful trusting life.
Angels have individual names and distinct personalities and can
communicate with one another. They have thinking ability and are able to
compose expressions of praise to God. They have the freedom to choose
between right and wrong much like humans. The angels have different
ranks and responsibilities. Seraphs are high ranking angels who are
stationed near Jehovah’s throne. Cherubs form another high-ranking order
of angels having special duties. Then there are the Archangels around us
as we improve humanity and our planet and raise to a higher vibration of
compassion and love.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within I hope our talk on
the beauty and grace of the angels who have always and now in these
changing times are working harder to support and guide us to our own
higher sense of being and to remember our soul essence as we expand and
refine our souls through our human journey of life and gather through
all challenges and experiences greater compassion and love for ourselves
and others knowing we are always surrounded and enhanced by Universal

Chrissie in her guide to the use of the angel cards gives us beautiful
descriptions of the purpose and help that the angels are guided by the
Divine to share with us.

She writes, “In today’s busy and often stressful world many of us feel
the need for some kind of spiritual light, love and guidance. Luckily no
matter what our belief system, angels and their energy are a presence
that any one of us can call upon to act as channels between ourselves
and God, the Divine or Spirit—whatever we understand this universal
power to be. It is of course, possible to connect with angels simply
through prayer or meditation. However, using the angel cards in this kit
can help you to tap into their energy in a more focused way—especially
if you need insight into a particular issue.”

Chrissie and I hope our listeners look beyond the thoughts of mind and
the experiences of our physical world that often allow us to shut down
our inner sense of wisdom and intuition and just remember to simply feel
with the heart, ask for help from above and be grateful to the Beings of
Light who surround and support us with love and guidance if we simply

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