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Doc Holliday

The Evil Chinese Communist Party and Its Coronavirus Debacle

Join Doc Holliday as he shines the light on the dark evil that rose up out the Communist Party of China’s decisions about the coronavirus. To be sure that some truth comes to surface Doc Holliday plays recent clips from Fox News Brian Kilmeade’s interview with Congresswoman Liz Cheney. Doc also plays a clip from President Trump and House minority leader Congressman McCarthy. We know China made mistakes, but covering up the truth as the Communist Party arrests doctors who are trying to alert the innocent world is diabolical evil. Listen to this week’s show to better understand how a political party that gives allegiance to the party and not the people can plan an evil deed that shakes an entire world as it sickens hundreds of thousands and kills tens of thousands. Click on now for another exciting show where you will hear things here that you will not hear anywhere else!