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Welcome to “Healing From Within.” I am your host Sheryl Glick author of
The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares
stories of spiritual awakening communication, healing energies, and ways
to use intuition for personal growth and success. Today I am delighted
to welcome May McCarthy author of The Gratitude Formula which shares her
method built with a grateful heart to help you create powerful practical
and achievable goals.

As listeners of “Healing From Within” well know Sheryl and her guests
share our intimate stories and insights for beginning to understand life
as both an energetic and physical life journey, which when completely
understood helps us engage the inner wisdom of soul life to create a
more prosperous healthy and purposeful human experience. In knowing we
are spiritual beings having a physical life we can begin to let go of
control issues and allow life to unfold in its miraculous way, with less
judgment, blame, anger, and truly learn to love life.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” May McCarthy who has
co-founded and grown seven successful companies in a variety of
industries helps us untangle from doubt fear or behaviors that hold us
back from abundance, and help us say YES to prosperity and limitless
possibilities. We will discover tools to use from her 7-step practice of
Gratitude to create a happier more productive satisfying life.

When asked by Sheryl to think back to her childhood and remember a
person place event dream or desire that may have shown her or others the
life style or interests she would embrace in her adult life May tells
us, “When I was growing up as the youngest of ten children in Hawaii I
witnessed a number of extraordinary events that I’ll call miracles. My
sisters and brothers got into horrible car accidents and were unhurt
under circumstances that indicated they should not have even survived. I
fractured my back while body surfing and the doctor said it was a
miracle that I wasn’t paralyzed for life. Friend’s homes were left
standing when terrible storms severely damaged all their homes around
them. Even our family priest was cured of cancer after the doctors had
told him the month before that he wouldn’t survive for more than six

Everyone can agree that extraordinary unusual or miraculous events
happen. Most people believe there is an element of chance in these
happenings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use a provable and
repeatable system to enable more outstanding events to happen.”

May shows us a system that taps into the creative force of life and can
helps us create more of what we wish to bring into our lives and to
share with others. May introduces you to her Chief Spiritual Officer or
CSO who she is in complete alignment with and who through intuition
feelings signs and messages helps us to achieve our goals and dreams. In
other words to succeed in our physical life efforts and understanding of
Universal Laws of Energy and the Law of Attraction are a big help in
achieving greater success.

May describes that there are a number of systems that people use to
achieve success. In professional sports athletes mentally and physically
train every day at the highest levels. The same is true for professional
musicians. In religious and spiritual organizations forms of prayer are
used in a repetitive way along with gratitude confidence and prayer.
Prayer may include gratitude statements for achieving the outcomes
desired in advance as well as the confidence that it can manifest.
Repetitive chanting is often used to successfully reach a deeper level
of connection with a spiritual source that can provide directions and
orchestrate opportunities to achieve desired outcomes.

In business leaders and managers set and revisit goals regularly and
measure their efforts against them. Often they will post their goals for
performance safety or customer satisfaction where all employees can see
them. This promotes an attitude of agreement. In the daily practice for
success utilizing the above outline will create a practice that yields
results. According to sports psychologist Michael Edgar Three must have
keys to success is good instruction, practice and repetition.

In her book McCarthy shares an understanding of the physical needs that
are also necessary for success in sports, spirituality, or business or
any undertaking and mentions that Dr. Tom Farrow a clinical psychologist
in England and his colleagues used magnetic resonance imaging MRI’s to
study the effects of forgiveness on the brain. When a person is in the
process of forgiving, the scanned images show that activity in the
frontal lobe of the brain increases. The frontal lobe is involved in
problem solving, complex thought and the complex functions of thinking
and reasoning.

Another researcher and author Dr Fred Luskin created the Stanford
University Forgiveness Project and studied the effects of forgiveness on
people with hypertension and high blood pressure. The results were very
positive. “People showed less stress, less anger, more optimism and more

May shares her 7 Steps of the Daily Practice. This practice requires 30
minutes each morning with your spiritual partner or CSO to do the first
four steps. Throughout the day you will do steps five and six as you
interact with your CSO You’ll recognize and follow intuitive messages or
your goals. In the evening you will do step seven as you give forth
anything within you that is taking up room and not benefiting you so
that you have more room available to receive more of the good things
that you desire.

To demonstrate to yourself that you are serious about achieving your
goals, it’s helpful to create a space in your home to hold your daily
planning meeting. You will need a few tools: an uplifting book with
stories that put you in a receptive mood, a journal or notebook to write
in and a pen or pencil.

Think of your meeting with your CSO as a meeting with the most
successful advisor you can imagine and whose advice you would highly
value like Bill Gates Gandhi Oprah Walt Disney Albert Einstein Mother
Theresa George Washington Nelson Mendela Spriitual Masters like Buddha
Jesus Moses etc.

Step 1 Read something inspirational You will discover ordinary people
having extraordinary accomplishments. No matter what your goal is use
the daily practice to make what you desire familiar and welcome in your

Step 2 Write a Gratitude Letter Writing a letter to your CSO to express
what you are grateful for: that which you have now, and what you want to
achieve as your goals.

Step 3 Speak with Emotion Speak what you wrote out loud for up to five
minutes as this anchors the meaning more fully within you.

Step 4 Imagine Experiencing Your Good This involves your imagination. In
your mind, see yourself as having completed one or two of your goals for
up to five minutes. This is a technique that many professional athletes
musicians and business people use to succeed. Imagine yourself in a
healthy body with a big bank account in harmonious relationships with
others, with satisfying work, and enjoying recreation while living a
balanced life. Mentally picture the answers to questions about your
future life: who you are with, what you are doing, how do you feel,
where are you what surrounds you, what do you have?

We mention Nicole Detling a sports psychologist with the United States
Olympics said, “The more an athlete can imagine the entire package, the
better it’s going to be. This is, more than ever, a multisensory
endeavor, which is why the term imagery is now often preferred to
visualization. Emily Cook, the veteran American aerialist said,
“Visualization for me, doesn’t take in all the senses. You have to smell
it. You have to hear it. You have to feel it—everything.” Whatever your
goal is, mentally see and feel what it’s like to live the outcome of
having it first. Then your subconscious and CSO’s intuitive messages
will illuminate more possibilities to help you achieve it

Once you complete your morning meeting with your CSO you will feel more
energized, and excited to begin your normal daily activities and work.
Throughout the day you will practice Step 5 and 6 of your daily system
for success. They include forming your expectations, noticing leads
celebrating and accumulating proof that your partnership is working.

Step 5 is to expect and watch for leads, and follow the directions
provided by your CSO. Throughout the day you will be on constant lookout
for intuitive messages and directions from your CSO to take some sort of

Step 6 of the daytime practice is to celebrate and note demonstration.
This happens after you get a lead and take a step. It’s important to
celebrate even if you haven’t reached your final goal. This becomes your
proof that the partnership with your CSO is working and it’s really fun.

Sheryl gives an example of how this work and relates the following
story. “When my daughter was little everyone said she should be in
commercials and I always thought there was too much rejection and that
it might not be the best environment for a child. One day when my
daughter was in a second grade classroom play dressed as an angel with
her hair in tentacle curls, she jumped off the table and people in the
audience were all captivated by her energy. In that moment I thought
perhaps she could develop her talents and grow from experiencing the
artistic world of film and theatre. The very next day while glancing at
the newspaper I saw a tiny tiny ad that was looking for children: A Miss
and Mr Long Island Contest that could be the segway into commercials and
film. I entered both my daughter who was eight and my son who was three
because I didn’t want him to feel left out. I dressed my daughter in a
fancy dress and hairdo and my son in a little suit with shorts. A
manager noticed my son who was quite handsome and strong willed even at
three years old and handed me a card and asked me to bring him to his
office the following week for an interview. While there I showed him a
picture of my daughter as she usually looked with braids and her tomboy
look and he said she had a great look for commercials. So the next week
I brought her to him for an evaluation. After she read for him, he came
out and told me she was quite talented and would make movies…and in time
she did just that.” Sheryl has come to realize that while she wasn’t
aware of a CSO operating in her choices and goals at that time, there
was indeed spiritual guidance and a divine plan for personal growth at
play, and she was following the clues, long before she actually put the
pieces of the puzzle together, and became an intuitive healer and

May goes on to give us three tips to use forgiveness to set you free
from being hurt by another person or situation.

Forgiveness prayer before bed to release and improve sleep
Forgiveness mantra throughout the day to create peace.
Denials and affirmation to regain your personal power and achieve goals
We discuss the emotions that can consume and prevent you from noticing
possibilities to achieving your goals Jealousy anger greed
dissatisfaction with yourself or others unhappiness any of the “dis”
words such as dismay distress distrust dislike disengage etc. disconnect
or separate us from the Universal Intelligent guidance and hinder

Sheryl says…In my book The Living Spirit I address how to understand our
emotional landscape and write, “One way to do this is to examine our
emotions, particularly those we consider negative. While interviewing
Dr. Richard Moss author of Inside –Out Healing: Transforming Your Life
Through the Power of Presence, on my Internet radio show, he described
“intelligent feelings” in contrast to untamed emotions,” which are
heightened reactions that lead to exaggerated responses. He suggested
that if we attend to our “ordinary emotions” to evolve them into
feelings that are intelligent, they can give us great insight, and give
us instructions about how to engage in our experience. But emotions that
are corrupted by our ego remain “unintelligent” and often lead us into
unpleasant associations and sufferings.”

While we must feel and experience the whole gamut of emotions from
negative to positive we have the choice to engage or disengage from that
which does not serve us in a healthy and positive way. Experiencing all
emotions is the necessary requirement of a human life journey. How we
understand and choose to deal with emotion takes consistent effort and

May shares with us how it is that we often give away our power and
deplete our energy when we’re unforgiving towards another person or
situation. It is only by forgiving ourselves and others and realizing no
one is perfect, as there really is no perfection, just opportunities for
learning to love accept and flow with the challenges in life, that we
begin to bring balance and a respect for ourselves and life in general.

May mentions in the book the ground rules and agenda format for
improving communication and ultimately success in relationships.

Rules are:
Confidentiality Share your experiences not that of others.
Sharing Share your truths at the level appropriate for the others.
Listening Do not comment, give advice or detract from another’s sharing.
Do not tell a similar story on their time. This is called cross talk and
should never occur at a small group meeting. People will learn from
hearing their own thoughts spoken.
Respect. Group members can show respect for one another by not
interrupting or having side conversations. Attempt not to leave the room
during the meeting but if you must, exit quietly in the time between
when one person ends and another begins.
Focus Staying on the topic and developing a deeper understanding of
Challenges If someone feels the need for further help, find a
professional or ask group members for an appropriate resource
Time the opening and closing times for each gathering
May McCarthy would hope that readers of The Gratitude Formula begin to
say “YES” to prosperity and limitless possibilities, and shift their
thinking from being unable to expect success and accomplishment to joy
positivity hope and happiness. Begin to expect that it is your soul
destiny, as a co-creator with your CSO, to begin to change your
attitudes and rise to a level of awareness and higher consciousness and
in so doing be free to flow through life without as many fears from
societal and parental programming becoming the hero of your own personal
story. You can thrive no matter what circumstances come your way.
Untangle from any doubts fears or behaviors that are holding you back,
let go of old programs replaying in your thoughts, create new ways to
view yourself and others, and life will become full of exciting
adventures abundance and happiness.

Sheryl thanks May McCarthy for sharing her relationship with her CSsO or
Chief Spiritual Officer known by some as God, Divine Intelligence, Power
Universal Energy or as Sheryl thought each time she saw the letters
CSO…Celestial Spiritual Official and how a partnership and gratitude
practice can create new attitudes awareness and a path to the life each
soul of joy.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we have
discussed a method to utilize the virtue of gratitude for expanding our
hearts minds and souls: to empower our Spirit as we begin to create the
life we desire by working cooperatively with our CSO for goals that help
us reach our full potential and to find greater love compassion and our
Higher Self.

May wrote a story about Albert Einstein that describes this so well.
Albert Einstein said that we each have an intuitive mind and a rational
mind. A popular quote attributed to Einstein says, “The intuitive mind
is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We’ve
created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
Today, more than ever, we are a society that honors the rational mind.
When we have a question about anything, what do we do, We Goggle it! We
figure out ways to get more information and then we analyze, measure,
and evaluate the information. We consider every possible step that we
can take and every possible outcome that could happen as a result. Only
if we like the outcome possibilities, do we act. Otherwise, we do
nothing. This is not a system for success.

May and I would have you begin to trust that small quiet voice or
feeling that suggests you do something courageous and take a chance for
change and innovation. If unsure about your intuitive message just ASK
for another lead or clue, and most importantly, TRUST you are not alone
in this life or Universe, and the plan for your ultimate life journey
exists within you. You have only to awaken to your true Higher Self and
become empowered with the light and love of Life in its infinite
possibilities. The choice for happiness and abundance is yours!
Today’s Guest