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In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick
author of The Living Spirit that shares stories of spiritual awakening,
communication with higher souls and vibrational beings, energy healing,
and miracles is delighted to welcome Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos co-author
with Larry Burke M.D. of Dreams that Can Save Your Life.

Kathleen shares how her profound dreams encouraged her to draw on her
inner truth and wisdom when the medical community were not able to
diagnose the cancer that Spirit had shown her in repeated dreams
encouraging her to be her own advocate throughout her healing process.
Medical validation and on- going research on the diagnostic power of
precognitive dreams is well documented in this new book.

As listeners of “Healing From Within” well know Sheryl and her guests
share intimate experiences and insights into the world of energy seeking
a clearer view of life as Spiritual Beings having a physical life, so we
may tap into our soul essence and gain awareness of how to deal with
challenging life experiences provided for us in a physical realm.
Through our challenges we are offered the potential to create our best
version of ourselves using a process of self-investigation and
self-mastery of our emotions for refining our thoughts actions and

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos who
has spent years studying and teaching about dreams will show how as a
three-time breast cancer survivor whose cancer was first shown to her in
a dream helped her survival along with conventional treatment. While all
of her cancers were missed by the medical community and the tests on
which they relied help from Spirit guided her treatment and recovery. We
will discuss precognitive dreams and tools to remember dreams along with
dream journaling.

Dreams That Can Save Your Life draw on the experiences of many medical
doctors and psychologists who have found the value of incorporating
patient’s dreams and intuitive feelings and awareness into their
treatment plans. How have you used dreams to save your own life?

Dr Bernie Siegal author A Book of Miracles in the foreword of the book
tells us that Dr. Larry Burk, a radiologist at Duke University, just
completed a groundbreaking study involving 18 women who had warning
dreams preceding the diagnosis of breast cancer. Dreams that Can Save
Your Life is the result of this growing body of patients who have worked
in alignment with their doctors in conquering serious diseases and
contains their stories and the stories of other dreamers with dreams of
different types of cancer and other illnesses that came true. These
dreams involved spirit guides, angels, voices, tactile intervention in
the dream, synchronicities, symbolism, and visitations from deceased
loved ones. The dreams or conditions exposed in the dreams were all
validated by a medical report.
Dr. Siegal truly believes that the reason we sleep is not related to our
need for rest, but to our need to be in contact with the infinite wisdom
available to our consciousness associated with past, present, and future
life events. After attending an Elisabeth Kubler-Ross workshop, author
of On Death and Dying in which she asked Dr. Siegal to draw a picture
for her, Dr Siegal became a believer. His drawing was an outdoor scene
previously created in my mind to use in meditations. He handed it to
her. She immediately asked two questions: “Why is the number 11
important to you? and, what are you covering up?” Dr. Siegal told her he
had been working with cancer support groups for 11 months and was
burying painful feelings as a doctor about all the people he believed he
couldn’t cure or help. He asked what made her ask those questions. She
said there were 11 trees in the scene and he had used a white crayon to
make snow on a mountaintop when the page was already white. So, he had
added another layer of color symbolic of covering something up. It was
incredible how much of my life was symbolically portrayed in a scene I
thought had no meaning and was merely a matter of my imagination, but
that experience made me go back to the hospital with a box of crayons
and I started to ask my patients to draw pictures for me, as well as
share their dreams and intuitive wisdom

Another example of a doctor who became very immersed in Spiritual
information gathered through dreams and discussions with his patients
was Dr. Carl Jung who interpreted a dream and correctly diagnosed a
brain tumor many years ago, yet had never met a medical student who was
told about that possibility while in medical school.

This book is Dreams That Can Save Your Life is important because it
shows us the unity of mind and body, something the medical profession
has a hard time dealing with. Health care practitioners and the general
public need to access this wonderful source of wisdom, which can help in
all phases of your life and is a gift from our Creator. Even the Bible
shares the fact that God speaks in dreams and visions. “So quiet your
mind and create the still pond that lets you see your true reflection,
just as it lets the ugly duckling realize he was a swan.” Dr. Siegal
also says based on people’s dreams and drawings, he frequently made
decisions as to whether a patient needed surgery or not and the best
treatment for their disease. One woman with cancer said she had a dream
in which a cat named Miracle appeared and told her which chemotherapy
she needed to best treat her cancer. Dr Siegal her doctor agreed to do
it, and she is alive and well.

Another woman whose story is in Dr. Siegal’s book A Book of Miracles had
a dark-skinned woman with an accent appear in her dream and tell her she
had a lump in her right breast that needed to be looked into. She awoke
from the dream and felt the mass in her breast. At the hospital, they
diagnosed it as cancer and told her that the doctor who would be in
charge of her treatment would be coming in a few minutes. When the door
opened, in walked a woman doctor from India, the same person as in her

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos’s profound story of her life saving dreams and
discovering her cancer, which was three times missed by the medical
community and tests on which they relied for early detection, was
discovered by her spirit-guides in dreams. She shared these events on
the Dr. Oz Show titled The Sixth Sense: Shocking Premonitions and wrote
about her dreams in detail in her book Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive
Aspects of Healing, in which pathology reports confirmed the diagnostic

The research in this book focuses on precognitive dreams, which are
capable of diagnosing an illness that is later medically validated. This
book is filled with step-by-step advice and a collection of validated
dreams that were true and amazing research. Dreams can heal us. What
used to be considered wishful thinking can now be validated by medical
tests and pathology reports as seen by the numerous stories in this
book. The research and personal experiences collected by Dr. Larry Burk
and Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos prove dreams can come true, diagnose
disease, and save lives. The idea of dreams that diagnose disease and
then come true is not new to the ancient world of healing, where dreams
were shared with physicians and spiritual leaders as a window into

Sheryl as a Reiki Master Teacher works with downloaded messages from
Spirit and hands on healing to help balance the energetic chakra system
of the body and has many times in this show Healing From Within revealed
the necessity of us as spiritual beings having a physical life to value
and trust the Universal Laws of Energy as when understood honored and
practiced help us to maintain a higher level of well-being. She tells
Kathleen that years ago a regular client was having a healing session
when Sheryl felt extreme pain in her left foot which the client did not
feel. As a Reiki practitioner she could not give a diagnosis but could
suggest her client make an appointment with a podiatrist for further
investigation. The Chiropodist or foot doctor discovered a mass on the
nerve and removed it before it had the chance to cause further damage or
pain. The same way a dream gives guidance a medium or healer working
with spiritual energy can offer preventive information.

There are so many true stories about those who discovered illnesses
through their dreams. Centuries ago, Sigmund Freud founded the field of
psychoanalysis based on his dream work in psychotherapy, which included
analysis of his own personal dreams. His most famous dream report, about
a patient named Irma in 1895, who has been interpreted as being a
foreshadowing of his own death from mouth cancer diagnosed in 1923 many
years before the actual occurrence of the disease.

Dr. Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, stated, “I take
dreams as diagnostically valuable facts, including their use in
diagnosing medical conditions.” While these two pioneering psychiatrists
were bringing dreams back into the realm of modern medicine, Edgar
Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet of Virginia Beach, gave over 14,000 psychic
readings in the first half of the 20TH century, some of which included
dream interpretation which often shared medical challenges for his
clients and he was able to suggest many alternative healing techniques
and treatments.
Jerry Lazarus, an authority on Cayce’s approach to dreams, notes one
reading specified that “Any condition becoming reality is first
dreamed.” Another reading stated: “And too often, ye disregard them; or
too seldom do ye pay any attention to them! They are parts of thy
experience. How often have you envisioned in symbol or in dream those
very things that happened to thee later.

Russian psychiatrist Vasily Kasatkin published the first research
correlating dreams with physical illness in his book The Theory of
Dreams in 1967.

An English report about this work was provided by Van de Castle.
Kasatkin based his observations on 10,240 dreams from 1,200 dreamers,
most of whom had neuropsychiatric disease, including 44 cases of brain
tumors and six cases of spinal cord tumors, as detailed in a translation
by Susanne van Doorn. He noted the following common dream features
related to the presence of physical illness: 1) an increase in dream
recall; 2) distressful, violent, and frightening images; 3) occurrence
preceding the first symptoms; 4) long duration and persistence; 5)
content revealing the location and seriousness of the illness.

There can be some common themes that show up in precognitive dreams and
can aid the dreamer not only in diagnosing illness but in guiding them
to appreciate the work and life experiences that are indicative of their
being on their true soul path. Sheryl says, “I have had some interesting
precognitive dreams that have encouraged me to pay greater attention to
certain areas of my work. Years ago I had a dream and a man appeared
quite vividly in that dream. He had a shiny bald head tan face and
bright smile and was busy writing on a chalkboard. He looked a little
like my brother in law but wasn’t A few days later I was scheduled to go
to a work shop and it was the same day I brought a copy of my new book
Life Is No Coincidence –The Life and Afterlife Connection to my agent.
At the workshop for SQuire Rushnell author of When God Winks Mr.
Rushnell came over to everyone in the group to shake hands. He had a cap
on and a pleasant smile. He looked familiar, but I had never met him.
When he walked up to the chalkboard took his hat off and began to write,
I noticed he was the man in my dream. What was this all about I thought?
At the end of the workshop, I went over to him and told him about the
dream and my new book Life Is No Coincidence. It was like Spirit was
validating our work and discoveries which were much in alignment with
each other. A few years later when I began my radio show “Healing From
Within” he was one of the first of the many distinguished authors who
have been gracious enough to help me share Spirits wonderful messages of
hope faith and love.

There are tools that can be used to remember dreams. You can use the
tool of intention and re enter any dream no matter how afraid you might
be, to change the ending and heal whatever needs to be healed. This is
the story of a woman who had a terrible relationship with her father and
he kept appearing in each dream saying, “ I love you.” It was making her
ill until her doctor told her to change the ending and finally resolve
the pain of her childhood. She discovered relief from following this

The person goes on to report “Well, first of all, you just verbally
shifted your nightmare into a healing dream for you and your father. You
reentered your dream to change the ending, and it has already changed
your life. No one in the world can challenge us like our parents, either
dead or alive. If the problems don’t kill us, they make us stronger.
When our family dies, they are given opportunities to see how they
affected the lives of their loved ones. That is their learning
experience on the other side. “The Rule of Permission is powerful and
highly respected on the other side. Your dad could not return to atone
for his mistreatment of you without the authorization from his Higher
Power. He knocked on the door (asking permission). Your husband, whom I
have heard you refer to as your “better half,” answered the door for
you. But facing your father’ (play on words) was something you had to
do. “When you opened your door to your home, you rekindled a heart
connection with your father. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words
and love is all you need, because love is something you can take with
you. Love transcends time, space, and death. The therapeutic intention
of reentering and changing your ending allowed you to solve the

Kathleen gives us help with dream journaling. In the introduction to his
book, Barasch outlines a multidimensional model for dream
interpretation, which I have incorporated into my own approach. My guide
to working with a dream diary by writing down a question before going to
bed is summarized below and described in more detail with an
illustrative dream example in the appendix of my book Let Magic Happen:
Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist.

Circle any words that seem to be unusual or out of place, and look them
up in a dictionary to check for wordplay or unexpected puns related to
your question.
Consider the dream from the personal, shadow, warning, sexual, social,
archetypal, synchronistic, and precognitive perspectives.
Check for any recurrent theme from past dreams, and pay attention to any
animals that visited you in the dream world.
Finally, ask yourself, What does the dream want? Give serious
consideration to the possibility that the spirit world may have a
question it wants you to answer in return.
Sharing the dream with someone who can provide candid feedback may
provide a fresh perspective and additional insight.

Dream journaling and also paying attention to those dream patterns that
persist can be so important in our waking world. Finding cancer in
dreams missed three times by the medical field and the tests on which
they rely is as lucky as winning the lottery three times in a row. Luck
had little to do with it; it was divine intervention. Mistakes happen.
Science only goes so far, then comes your Higher Power, often in dreams.

However, the dream with my Physician-within, Dr. Jules, and the three
crabs did not come to full fruition for five years. By journaling my
dreams, I was able to go back and research my dreams for additional
validation and outcome. As an R.A. Boch Cancer Hotline phone counselor,
Kathleen has found that her story is unusual but not unique. Many women
told me that they had had dreams about their cancer but did not take
them seriously. What makes my story special is that I believed and
followed my dreams. There is almost always a point in the process of
illness where logic, reason, and medical expertise fail. It is at this
point that a patient can slip through the cracks, often never to
recover. We hold all of the answers to our well-being within; dreams are
the keys to the solution.
Dreams have been around since cave dwellers drew on the walls. The
Talmud (AD 56) says that a dream not remembered is like a letter unread.
Think of your dreams as love letters from Inner Guidance. We may not
realize how much we love ourselves until a dream saves our life.

Do you ever wake up exhausted after a long night’s sleep and wonder why
you feel like you just ran a marathon? You may be doing dream work that
contains guidance and answers to daily concerns or desires. Our dreams
are a “safe zone,” where we can work out solutions to daily challenges
and not be judged or arrested for uncivilized behavior. We can misbehave
in a dream to blow off steam from a stressful workplace, and it is okay.
We won’t get fired or arrested and thrown in jail, or if we do in the
dream, we get out when we wake up.

When you awaken ask yourself, What did I learn? Remembering your dream
is paramount to learning, implementing, and benefiting from the dream
One of the biggest challenges many of us face concerning dream work is
retaining our dream information. It does not matter how many dream
dictionaries we have or how many dream journals we keep if our dreams
are too elusive to remember. We must learn to remember not to forget.
Holding onto dreams after turning off the alarm clock is a learned

Kathleen uses the seven-letter acronym “SO DREAM” to remind her of the
seven steps needed to retrieve my dreams and information.

These are as follows:

S=SET YOUR INTENTION, which is a dream part of the Law of Attraction. An
intention is the first step in attracting and manifesting information. A
simple request is all it takes. I wish to meet my Physician-within or
get a solution to (fill in the blank) in my dream tonight. Or, it can be
something as simple as, I want to remember my dream. Write your
intention on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow to “sleep
on it,” a play on words that holds profound meaning. By doing this, you
are also showing your inner self, through your eyes (considered the
windows to the soul), what you intend to do: take a dream from the
abstract fifth dimension and bring it into the concrete third dimension
of life by turning it into written words that contain messages.

O=ORGANIZE yourself before sleep to record your dream upon awakening.
Put your dream journal, pen, or recording device (and a flashlight, if
necessary) by your bed. If your dream awakens you, it may be telling you
to write down or record relevant information before you forget it. This
often happens with multiple dreams. If you get up to hunt for a pencil
or paper, you may lose your dream.

D= DREAM, in order to begin the process of fulfilling your intention.
Studies have shown that all living things dream, including you, because
you began to dream in the womb at seven months. Dreaming is the first
step in training your brain to remember dreams. R=REMAIN in your same
sleep position when you first awaken to Remember and Record whatever you
can of your dream. Moving around may cause your dream to dissolve like
the morning shadows. Use this step to reenter your dream state at a
later time to retrieve additional information. More information on this
topic is provided in the next chapter.

E=EMOTION refers to those parts of the dream, or snippets, that Elicit
Emotion—that stick in your mind and create a physical response, such as
rapid breathing, cold sweats, tears, or a pounding heart.

A=ADD to your dream memory by asking, What colors, sounds, words,
people, animals, plants, signs, and symbols did I see? What names and
phrases did I hear? They may be an important part of the meaning in your
message that fulfills your intention. If more of the dream returns
during the day, jot it down on a piece of paper or record it on your
phone to add to your journal later. This can help you with dream
tracking: keeping track of dreams, messages, and images to see if they
come true.

M=MEANING. What do the small dream parts known as snippets mean to you?
Dreams are as individual as the dreamer. What is important to you in a
dream may be unimportant to someone else because it does not elicit the
same emotion. Pictures, forms, creatures, colors, lack of colors,
people, and phrases are all part of your individual dream language. It
is one of many ways we communicate with ourselves. Put the information
from the acronym SO DREAM together, start dream tracking, and begin
developing your dream language. If the dream is still confusing, ask for
a clarifying dream the following night, as some of the dreamers in the
book did.

Finally, give your dream a title, even if it’s The Dream Without a Name,
so if part of it returns during the day, you will know where to add it
in your journal.

Our dreams often use a play on words to speak to us. “Washing your
hands” of a situation, “kicking something around” in the dream are
examples that come to mind of working out a solution or ridding yourself
of a problem as a means of solving a challenge.

Sheryl tells Kathleen of one of the stories whose dream saved their
life. This was the story told by Deborah.

You wrote, “ Finally, I awaken, shaken up from this dream. The dream
confirms something is terribly wrong with me and can kill me if action
isn’t taken now. My doctor listened intently as I told him about the
recent dreams and what my intuition was telling me. The irony of the
dates lining up disturbed me, too. My sons had already lost their dad
Jean-Francois to a brain tumor. No one deserves this experience once,
let alone twice! I could not bear seeing that fear in their eyes or
hearing it in their voices. We all needed peace of mind. Fortunately, my
doctor agreed there might be something to my dreams and referred me to a
neurologist for an MRI to rule out anything serious. Still, at this
point, I was functioning correctly, and my only symptoms were three
migraines and frightening prophetic dreams. The neurologist was not
overly concerned and handed me a chart to note down all the details
about my headaches. This was a useless exercise. If we were leaving no
stone unturned, let’s look under the biggest boulders first.

“Doctor, if we were talking about your wife or daughter, and regardless
of the cost, would you do an MRI?” “Yes, I would,” he replied. On the
morning of October 30, Halloween, without telling anyone, I calmly went
for the MRI. As I prepared to leave, the technician stops me. “Deborah,
we’ve found something we’re concerned about. I need to take you to the
Emergency Room.” “We Found Something” Since no one is letting me out of
their sights, I assume I too have a brain tumor. In the ER, expecting
the worst, I had my brief pity party; cursing the world, the gods and,
whoever could hear me! At that moment, I make my decision. Whatever the
diagnosis, prognosis, and statistics, I have only one thing to say to
the world. “Watch me beat you!”

On November 2, 2013, Jean-François’ 60th birthday, the apricot-sized
tumor was completely removed. I was released from the hospital two days
later, on my 60th birthday. Clearly, this wasn’t the birthday gift,
celebration, or trendy asymmetrical haircut I had planned! It turns out
that I’m now admitted into the PhD program at the Academy of Brain
Tumors with a glioblastoma multiforme, the most common, deadliest, and
highest-grade brain tumor! I’m a smart cookie. Oh, the irony of it all!
I would have been content with a low to average grade. I am stunned by
the confirmation that my dreams were right and that the visit from
Jean-François my husband, saved my life with early detection. How do our
departed loved ones know these things when we don’t?

Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos would like readers to take away with them after
reading Dreams That Can Save Your Life the story told by a nurse who was
told to have immediate surgery but opted for alternative healing
treatments which honored and respected her dreams and help from Spirit
who ultimately know our full life story and are instrumental in helping
us make choices that further our soul and physical life personal growth
and development. We must learn to rely on our inner sense of intuition
and make choices often having little to do with the outer world and
other people’s expectations. The story that follows relayed by a nurse
exemplifies that viewpoint.

You wrote,” In July 1974, I awoke from a dream telling me to go for a
chest X-ray. I have learned to listen to my dreams because they have
often guided me on health matters, in problem solving, and with finding
things. I thus tell friends that when God speaks, I listen. When I
contacted my physician and asked for a referral for an X-ray, he asked
if I had symptoms. I told him no but insisted on a referral, and he sent
me for X-rays. As a conservative, traditional physician, he would not
have understood about the guidance offered in dreams, and I did not
mention it. But I was persistent in my request for an X-ray.

After receiving the X-ray report, my physician called and asked me to
come to his office. There, he told me that they had found a spot on my
lungs that had not been there six months earlier and requested I go into
the hospital for a biopsy. Following the lung biopsy, and while I was
still in the hospital, my physician reported that it was a malignant
tumor and that I needed immediate surgery. He had also arranged for a
surgeon to speak with me. I told both doctors I was not willing to rush
into any decision about surgery but wanted all of the information
available, so I could go home, pray, think about it, and make a rational
decision. He told me I would be dead in six months without immediate
surgery and repeated this several times. I reminded him that the
decision about surgery and the responsibility for my life was mine, and
his responsibility was to give me the information available to help me
make a decision. Despite my background, or maybe because of it, I found
the diagnosis of six months to live and the prospects of being disabled
for that period as a result of using conventional treatment frightening.

Thus, my selection was alternative holistic treatments to deal with my
lung cancer. For the 39 years since then, to date I have remained
cancer-free, which is relatively unusual with traditional care. If it
had not been for the dream, I would not have insisted on doing the
biopsy and left the appointment thinking all was okay. I immediately
began working with several alternative practitioners, including
acupuncture, herbals, diet, supplements, and energy practices such as
Reiki and Tai chi.

In summarizing today’s episode of “Healing from Within” we have examined
a very powerful way to help ourselves when dealing with life threatening
illness or other challenges that could destroy our well being or peace
of mind. Through intuition and dreams we access our Higher Self, that
part of us that is eternal soul and that travels through time and space
to constantly evolve and bring innovation to life and alignment to all
forms of intelligence, creative forces, and ways to bring light and
wisdom into our world from Spirit. We learn that, “We dream for many
reasons. Here are three important ones. 1. Entertainment and relaxation
2. Problem solving 3. Receiving answers to a question set by an

The goal of an online symposium which Kathleen has been working with was
to explore and share cutting-edge research and information on dreams,
spirit guides, and Dreaming with the Other. The information was then
shared with medical practitioners, students, mystics, metaphysicians,
and the world community of dreamers. We helped dream group members
integrate their healing dream imagery. One of the ways this is most
effective for anyone overcoming cancer treatment is through integrative
practices that include dream therapy or dream groups offered in cancer
centers. Guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, yoga, tai chi,
expressive art, and music are all grounded in a meditative state of
consciousness. Using the meditative practice of dream re-entry through
self-guided imagery can be beneficial to a dreamer seeking guidance.”

Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos Dr. Larry Burke and Sheryl Glick would have you
begin to know the ways that Spirit aids us in living life with all its
many physical challenges built into each life plan and destiny for the
purpose of growing greater awareness of inner soul life so we may deal
with all issues not by denying or avoiding the difficulties, but by
courageously engaging all means of our personal spiritual power to grow
beyond fear to live with trust in the guidance and wisdom of Spirit as
they help us remember and enjoy our true potential as spiritual beings
having a physical life. Enjoy your dreams and trust the knowledge for
improving your health and well-being that are sent to you from above.
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