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Binding Fate from The Fates Align Series by Alyssa Rose

Binding Fate (The Fates Align Series) by Alyssa Rose

In the kingdom of Bachusa, a Princess, Aironell, is born to King Francisco and Queen Evalyn. Alzerion is appointed as the Royal Watcher for the Princess. As the Princess is presented to the crowd of subjects for the first time, there is applause and cheering. Alzerion chooses this joyous moment to present the Princess with a beautiful heart-shaped necklace called the Lost Hope. The applause and pleasant chatter rebounded across the hall because everyone was excited that there was finally a royal child.

While the townspeople were enjoying the feast given in honor of the Princess, someone stood outside the festivities, peering in. Someone who did not share the happiness. Someone who is planning something so evil it would upset all of Bachusa. In the years to come, this person would prove to be destructive and devious.

Alzerion never felt such agony, such uncertainty, such heartache. This would be the hardest life-changing decision yet, but what could be done? He vowed to protect Princess Aironell, but at what cost? Torn…will he set aside long-held loyalties to the Crown and give in to the Rebellion, or will his fate be aligned with the Crown’s forever?   Find your copy on Amazon!

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